Sims designer Will Wright is making a blockchain game

Are you ready for the VoxVerse?

Will Wright, the famed designer behind The Sims takes his talents to the metaverse. Partnering with Gala Games, Wright is now working on a blockchain title that will have exploration, resource gathering and of course social elements.

The game, VOXVerse is described as a virtual world where players can own land, create experience and attractions and of course, hang out. These elements are largely similar to The Sandbox, another metaverse title by Animoca Brands. Will Wright’s VOXVerse aims to target 3 types of blockchain gamers as well – the big spenders who will become future land owners, the creators who will soon be creating experiences on VOXVerse, and the free-to-play players who get to experience these creations and of course hang out in the overworld. The game will also share a few elements from The Sims series such as Energy and Hunger. Wright has also founded a blockchain startup to lead the designing process called Gallium Games.

VOXVerse is under development using the Unity engine and is backed by Gala Games. As it is under Gala Games’ wing, VOXVerse will be using Voxies, an NFT collection also backed by Gala Games. Despite it using NFTs though, Will Wright says that his interest in the blockchain is its ability to allow for secure transactions. “I don’t really want to be in the business of selling NFTs” says Wright.

Gala Games’ support for the title comes in the form of the USD 25 Million funding that they have put up for the project. Gala Games hopes that this will help boost popularity of the Voxies collection which has also made tie-ups with other popular media like The Walking Dead. VOXVerse development is already on the way although there is no set release date or release window just yet. Aside from original The Sims game and Sim City Will Wright is also involved as a designer for Spore.