Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, enters Wild Rift TODAY!

Ever feel like inting and dominating at the same time?

The League of Legends: Wild Rift roster expands with the arrival of Sion. The Undead Juggernaut finally makes his appearance in the game as the latest addition to the roster of playable champions.

Sion is one of the first champions for League of Legends, the PC version, launching in-game back in 2009. Designed to dominate the top lane, or the Baron lane by Wild Rift terminology, Sion is both durable and can deal sustained damage especially in 1v1 situations. Back in 2014 Sion received a massive overhaul both in visuals and abilities, renaming him from the Undead Champion to the Undead Juggernaut. Part of the version 4.18 update, one of Sion’s most notable changes is his new Glory in Death passive ability. Glory in Death allows Sion to continue fighting for a short time period after losing all his health and also makes him deal massive damage and increased movement speed. This led to the infamous Sion inting strat where players purposely dive into enemy territory, triggering the passive ability and decimating enemy champions.

Sion mainly fills the tank role for League of Legends, and also sticks him to top lane or the Baron lane but certain strategies also have him do a more supportive role.

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut – Champion Description

A war hero from a bygone era, Sion was revered in Noxus for choking the life out of a Demacian king with his bare hands—but, denied oblivion, he was resurrected to serve his empire even in death. His indiscriminate slaughter claimed all who stood in his way, regardless of allegiance, proving he no longer retained his former humanity. Even so, with crude armor bolted onto rotten flesh, Sion continues to charge into battle with reckless abandon, struggling to remember his true self between the swings of his mighty axe.

List of Abilities

Glory in Death (Passive)

  • Upon taking Death.png fatal damage, Sion enters stasis for 1.5 seconds to reanimate into a frenzy. During this time, he receives 1.75 additional attack speed, 100% lifesteal and deals bonus physical damage equal to 10% of target’s maximum health. His abilities are also temporarily replaced by Death Surge for the duration of the passive
    • Death Surge – Sion gains 67% movement speed that decays over 2.3 seconds

Decimating Smash (Q)

  • Sion charges a powerful swing in an area in front of himself that will deal damage to enemies when released. If he charges for enough time, enemies hit by the swing will also be knocked up and stunned.

Soul Furnace (W)

  • Sion shields himself and can reactivate after 3 seconds to deal Magic Damage to enemies nearby. When Sion kills enemies, he passively gains maximum Health.

Roar of the Slayer (E)

  • Sion fires a short range shockwave that damages and slows and reduces the Armor of the first enemy hit. If the shockwave hits a minion or monster, it will be knocked back, damaging, slowing, and reducing the Armor of all enemies that it passes through.

Unstoppable Onslaught (R)

  • Sion charges in a direction, ramping up speed over time. He can steer his charge slightly with the mouse cursor location. When he collides with an enemy he deals damage and knocks them up based on the distance he has charged.