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Sky Mavis pushes Axie Infinity Origin plans due to breach

It will release April 7!

The next major update to Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity Origin has officially announced its launch date, together with a list of plans and accompanying activities in celebration of the game’s next chapter.

Announced earlier today, Axie Infinity Origin will start its alpha launch on April 7, 2022 and the launch countdown will be accompanied by a number of activities and more reveals. While the Axie Origin was originally planned for launch by the end of this month, a recent incident involving the Ronin Network had Sky Mavis push back on the launch date in order to divert their efforts into resolving the said incident first.

In preparation for the launch next month, Sky Mavis revealed a weeklong schedule of activities that will include more information regarding charms, runes, and guides. Major launch related activities will start this March 31, 2022 and will kick-off with a community contest hosted over the official Axie Infinity discord.


Axie Origin Launch plans


The Axie Origin launch plans include: Custom Origin Card activity which will invite players to try and come up with their ideas for Axie cards; Acro Beast Lore Writing Contest which will test players’ creative writing abilities in coming up with a backstory for the Arco Beast and a Cosplay Contest to showcase the community’s creativity in interpreting the starter Axies into costume form.

An Origin Preview Stream will also be hosted this coming Saturday, April 2, 2022 which will give us a bigger sneak peek into Axie Infinity Origin before the Alpha launch.

As it is still in Alpha, players must take note that participating or playing in the Alpha test will not give you any rewards just yet as it is intended to for community feedback before a full launch takes place later this year. The Alpha client version will be available for desktop players and can be downloaded on the Sky Mavis hub this coming April 7, 2022.

Origin is the next big update to Axie Infinity full of new gameplay changes and the much awaited burn and spend features for SLP. Depending on community feedback, the game is intended to fully replace the current version of Axie Infinity, with a combat revamp called Battles v2 and its brand new cards, runes, charms and other features.