special force Rush

Special Force is coming back as aP2E game

Lock, Load and cash out

Special Force was a pretty popular First Person Shooter game back in 2008 in the Philippines where they did hit a maximum of 50,000 concurrent users by 2010. It’s tactical gameplay was more or less a transposition of the original Counter-Strike but with online capabilities and more customizability. With the world is slowly turning to P2E and blockchain gaming, SF is looking to make a comeback this time with Special Force Rush,  a port of its classic gameplay with added play-to-earn mechanics.

Special Force Rush is set to be one of the first P2E online FPS game developed by the South Korean video game developer Dragonfly. The game itself comes as a planet in the P2E metaverse Infinity Market where you can enchant Infinity Stones (yeah, that name might already be taken), mine Special Bullets, and exchange the in-game currencies RUSH and BEBIT coins.

According to the preview document that was sent us, Special Force Rush’s gameplay seems to be similar from Special Force 1 but with new and improved game modes, maps, weapons, and characters. There will be several game modes including: Single Battle or Free For All, Team Battle, Team Deathmatch, Sniper (Team), Capture the Flag, Knife (Team) and Knife (Single FFA).

P2E system in Special Force Rush revolves around the mining of the what the game calls a Special Bullet. These Special Bullets can be collected via several in-game actions and then subsequently exchanged for Special Force Coins or SFC through the mining shop

There are two (2) ways on how the player can acquire a Special Bullet:

1.) Player Elimination: Playing any of the game modes and eliminating other players. Doing so will give the player a chance to acquire a Special Bullet.

2.) Winning the game. Players that are part of the wining team in any given game will also similarly get a chance to acquire a Special Bullet.

While in game, the player who acquires a SB will immediately be notified. The player may acquire more than one Special Bullet per game as long as the player has Infinity Stone in their RUSH Wallet.

An Infinity Stone, is a special item that can be summoned and enchanted through Infinity Market. Summoning gives you the chance to acquire Infinity Stones that are split into five distinct rarities, namely Common, Normal, Epic, Legendary, and Special.  You’ll get Common Infinities as often as you summon, but Legendary and Special Infinities will take a lot of luck to earn. Unlike Special Bullets, Infinity Stones can be used on all games within the Infinity Market.

Special Force Rush will be conducting an open beta test this May 10, 2022.