Splinterlands announce partnership with Emp Money and Houbi

More ways to trade in Splinterlands are here!

The hit blockchain trading card game Splinterlands recently reveals a new milestone announcing a partnership with Emp money. The coin, which is pegged with the value of Ethereum, is now available for use by players in in-game transactions.

Emp money (EMP) is an algorithmic coin running on the Binance Smart Chain or BNB network. Emp money’s design is to follow Ethereum pricing via an algorithmic code. This means that the value of EMP goes up or down depending on the value of Ethereum itself. The Splinterlands-EMP Money partnership opens new ways of for users to do in-game transactions in Splinterlands as well as provide value for EMP. As a payment option, players can use EMP in transactions such as purchasing of DEC for use in cosmetic upgrades, and potions.

Together with the EMP parnership, Splinterlands also announces that their token, Splintershards (SPS), is now tradeable on the Houbi crypto exchange. Houbi is a is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in China with offices in the United States. The exchange includes many of the major crypto tokens and processes about USD 1 Billion worth in daily trades. Houbi now joins PancakeSwap, Gate.io, LBank and MEXC Global in the list of exchanges that offer SPS trading.

Splinterlands is a blockchain trading card game built on the Hive Blockchain. The project brands itself as the ‘next generation of collectible card games’. Splinterlands incorporates daily rewards, a fusion system, card to crypto conversion, and even asset rentals in its play-and-earn ecosystem. DAO related functionalities such as staking and governance are available as well through the use of Splintershards. Splinterlands’ founding team includes gaming enthusiasts Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, and Matthew Rosen. Both founders have teamed up in previous gaming development projects before deciding to create Steem, their first major game title, which then evolved into Splinterlands.