Waka Flocka Flame to drop NFT with Splinterlands

Splinterlands to drop Waka Flocka Flame NFT cards

As Waka Flocka would say, "I go hard in da *** NFT, **** Leave you *** ***, What da *** you thinkin' ***?

Blockchain trading card game Splinterlands has revealed a collaboration with popular hip-hop artist Waka Flocka Flame for a new set of Legendary items. The collaboration is being facilitated by LOAK, a metaverse merchandise creator that also helped enable more functionality for the Waka Flocka Flame-themed Splinterlands cards.

In a detailed blog post, Splinterlands unveiled two design variations of the Waka Spiritblade. This legendary card is a 3-cost death summoner that comes with a poison ability with a 50% chance to proc once used against the enemy. Splinterlands also adds that the Waka Spiritblade card will follow the same burn and combine rules applied to Chaos Legion cards, specifically with the rates. The Waka Spiritblade cards will also be at max level on default upon purchase so players don’t need to worry about spending more for upgrades.

Aside from its in-game utility, players who purchase the Waka Spiritblade will also be able to use it for other functions enabled by LOAK. Upon transferring the NFT to a Wax wallet, the card transforms or unlocks an NFT video featuring a wearable headpiece, with the design inspired by Waka Flocka.

The video also comes with a scannable QR code which will then allow users to use the design as an augmented reality or AR avatar in the popular messaging platform Snapchat. This extra functionality will really allow players to show-off their Waka Flocka Flame cards in a different way to the rest of the Splinterlands community and the NFT community as a whole.

LOAK specializes in producing NFT or metaverse merchandise and wearables and has teamed up with other acts like DESIIGNER, DJ Whookid and Slushii for exclusive NFT drops.

The Splinterlands x Waka Flocka Flame inspired cards will be available for sale this coming February 24, 2022. The initial sale which will include 500 cards in total will be hosted in a special store page and will require both vouchers and SPS, Splinterlands’ native governance token for purchase. 

A second sale wave is also set to happen on the Splinterlands Atomc Hub store front; however, details such as dates and purchase requirements are yet to be announced.