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The Importance of Education with Bored Punks of Society

It's Cryptalk episode 5!

During this week’s episode of Cryptalk, our hosts Rob Luna & Jay Perillo explore the minds behind Bored Punks of Society with their founders, Lead Director Jockygelo, Marketing Director Snoopscoops, External Relations Officer Jasbo and Mikey.



Bored Punks of Society is a community driven social movement x social club focused on educating, thriving, and spreading the beauty of cryptocurrencies, metaverse, investing, and financial literacy to the masses through the early adoption & onboarding of Cryptocurrency & NFT’s.

During the interview, Snoopscoops stated that their mission is wrapped around educating communities about the crypto space:

“We aim to be one of the driving communities shaping the future with Crypto and progressing financial literacy nationally & internationally. Here at Bored Punks we educate people by providing podcasts, monthly beginner’s crash courses, books, articles & youtube videos , whatever reliable resources we can share to help educate our community.

We educate, invest and thrive at Bored Punks of Society.”

“Educating people is the most genuine thing people can do.” echoed BPOS team member Mikey. “Knowledge is power honestly. The more you know the better it is and the better life gets. “

Get to see how Bored Punks of Society continues to rally behind their three main pillars of NFT’s, Community & Movement in this 1 hour talk as the hosts Jay & Rob chat with them as they dig deep within the confines of how they are seamlessly connecting their Digital Identity (NFT’s) into a flourishing community that then inspires a movement that has slowly been gaining traction in the country.

Bored Punks of Society also donated two of their NFT pieces to the Axie Pro Tournament season 1 and 2!

There’s a lot we can learn from these pioneering bored punks! This is definitely a Cryptalk episode you don’t wanna miss!

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