The Sandbox begins Season 3 of its Alpha phase this week

More experiences are on the way!

The Sandbox metaverse is ready to welcome new players as it enters Season 3 of its ongoing alpha. Animoca Brands’ metaverse title offers various experiences built by creators as well as from its partner brands.

The Sandbox’ ongoing alpha will still be free to access for interested players. Users can progress and level up their avatars by participating in various experiences available in the game world. Players can also earn rewards by completing quests and collecting Ethos points which will translate into ranking rewards that include SAND tokens. Season 3 of The Sandbox alpha will run for 10 weeks and will include more than 90 different solo and multiplayer experiences.

27 of these experiences will come from The Sandbox partners. These partners include different IPs like Ubisoft’s Rabbids and as well as celebrities like Snoop Dogg. Multimedia brands like The Walking Dead and Warner Music Group are also available for alpha users. The next set of experiences will come from The Sandbox’ Game Maker fund, a program that entices creators to produce various experience within the Sandbox metaverse.

Aside from experiences, a new set of voxelized avatars from partner NFT collections will also be available in alpha season 3. Collections from CyberKongz, People of Crypto and the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club will be available as in-metaverse avatars adding utility to the said NFTs. NFT holders for specific collections are also entitled to rewards in the form of SAND tokens. Additional SAND rewards are also available to NFT LAND owners, and Avatar users.

Speaking of SAND, The Sandbox team will allocate total of 1.5 million SAND tokens for leaderboard rewards. Users join the leaderboard by acquiring Ethos Points or EP through completion of quests. A total of 5,000 players will be eligible for leaderboard rewards at the end of the season.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 will run for 10 weeks and will start this Aug 24, 2022