The Sandbox detail new roadmap of updates for LAND owners

Exciting times ahead for owners of Sandbox LAND

It’s definitely a great time to be a LAND owner in the metaverse game The Sandbox. The land development and digital experience title is poised to offer more rewards and as well as new mechanics to its digital real estate holders in a new roadmap that covers the rest of 2022.

In an announcement made over the weekend, The Sandbox’s updated LAND roadmap will kick off with an airdrop event happening later this May of 2022 with over 5 million $SAND tokens to be airdropped to LAND owners. The actual reward value will depend on how long a LAND owner has been holding or owning his piece of LAND in the metaverse. In The Sandbox, LAND is a ‘digital piece of real-estate’ which can be used to develop experiences that are not limited to games but can also include venues, concerts and theme parks. Aside from being a platform for development, LAND can also be used for functionalities such as renting, governance and staking meaning that it can have play and earning opportunities. 

Aside from the airdrop event, new multipliers for $SAND staking will also be introduced and as well as exclusive token farming layers for LAND holders. LAND holders would also be able to enjoy new build-related functions for their digital real estate as they would be able to publish or host experiences starting on quarter 3 of 2022. Aside from digital experiences, LAND owners could also get support in organizing their own local The Sandbox themed meet-ups as listed in the new roadmap with the target to have it happen on quarter 4 of 2022 with more details on how it will happen to follow.

Aside from these user-centered updates, The Sandbox also teases new partners that will be announced next month. These new partners will soon be joining brands like Square Enix, Ubisoft, the Warner Music Group, Paris Hilton and more in The Sandbox’s lineup of partners that will be building their IP-based experiences on the metaverse.

You can check out the full detail of The Sanbox’s updated LAND roadmap in the announcement available at their Twitter page, and additionally in the upcoming Discord AMA this May 20, 2022.