The Walking Dead blockchain game to begin playtest later this month

Gala Games’ The Walking Dead: Empires announces big news today as they reveal the date of their upcoming playtest. The new game adaptation to the hit media franchise will add blockchain gameplay through the form of NFT lands.

The Walking Dead: Empires is a survival MMORPG title taking place in the world of The Walking Dead. The series is originally by Robert Kirkman, and adapted into TV by AMC Network. In the game players must survive in the harsh zombie wasteland by scavenging for resources, and fighting off the zombie horde. The game also includes multiplayer elements as well as crafting and building.

For its NFTs, The Walking Dead: Empires will have lands. Lands are essential as it will be what players use to create their own headquarters in the game world. Building and crafting are all done in NFT lands and players can even invite other players in their land for coop play. Together with lands, the game title also includes hero packs for its NFTs with the heroes based on characters from the TV show. Buildings such as laboratories and forges, used by players for crafting, are also part of its NFT ecosystem. Both hero packs and building NFTs are currently on sale on the Gala Games platform.

The Walking Dead: Empires is developed together with Ember Entertainment. The development studio’s IPs includes mostly mobile titles like Empire Z, Aqua Blast, Survival Z and Dragon Strike. The game title is launching on the PC an will have its alpha-playtest this coming Aug 30, 2022.

The Walking Dead: Empires is the second game that is based on another media IP on the Gala Games platform with the other one being Battlestar Galactica. The title also adds to the growing list of Gala Games titles that include Townstar, Echoes of Empire, GRIT and Eternal Paradox.