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There’s a $ 1 Million reward for users who can spot bugs in Axie

Ready to become the (whitehat) Hackerman?

Axie Infinity development team Sky Mavis is employing a very interesting tactic to help boost the security and work out vulnerabilities within their game’s system, and network. The Sky Mavis Bug Bounty program, hopes to employ the help of the Axie community as well as whitehat hackers to spot and fix bugs—with a hefty 1,000,000 USD reward pool to for watchful bug catchers.

According to the posting on the public area of their Notion workspace, the Bug Bounty Program will hopefully entice players to test and disclose security vulnerabilities within the Sky Mavis ecosystem, meaning that it includes both Axei Infinity and the Ronin Network. This move is assumed to be part of their ongoing recovery process after being hit with a critical cybersecurity attack which siphoned USD 625 Million in assets from the Ronin Network. While it is technically an invitation to try and “hack” their systems to spot security issues, Sky Mavis did include some limitations as to what users who are part of the program can do.These no go and no do activities include DDoS, spamming, spoofing, phishing, social engineering methods, bulk data extraction and as well as the highly dangerous remote control execution attacks which can take over user systems.

Of course user effort will be rewarded as part of the program’s stipulations and various reward tiers are available depending on how big or small the spotted issue is. Sky Mavis’ COO psycheout says that up to USD 1 million in AXS will be allocated for rewards for those who will participate in the Bug Bounty Program. Taking part in this initiative requires no sign up processes but rather users can send their reports or findings via e-mail to Sky Mavis who will then check and verify if the reported issue is qualified for rewards. Additionally, Sky Mavis warns against publicizing findings without their approval and states that users will not be eligible for any rewards should they post or report their findings to social media or any publication first without checking with the Sky Mavis team.

The hefty reward pool for catching bugs in the Axie system, is no doubt influenced by the previous Ronin Hack, the biggest in DeFi History. Sky Mavis and Binance have recovered a portion of the stolen 650 Million USD last week but there is still a long ways to go.