rise of helios

Thetan Arena announces Rise of Helios tournament, $20,000 in prizes

And it’s happening this April!

Thetan Arena finally reveals new info about one of their major activities for quarter 2 of 2022 called Rise of Helios. In an announcement by Thetan Arena’s tournament organizer partner Community Gaming, Rise of Helios is confirmed to be an esports tournament for their Southeast Asian and Latin American regions.

Organized together with NFT game tournament organizer Community Gaming, Rise of Helios will feature a total of USD 20,000 worth of Binance USD (BUSD) in prizes, split evenly between SEA and LATAM events.

The tournaments will be team-based with each participating team to include 4 players and will accommodate up to 512 teams for each region. The Rise of Helios tournament will also be in Single Elimination mode meaning that teams will only have 1 tournament life, and 1 match loss means getting eliminated from the tournament bracket. Each match will be a Best of 5 series, so teams must win a total of 3 individual games in order to advance to the next stage.

Registration is free and is done through Community Gaming’s own platform with separate registration links for SEA and LATAM tournaments. The Southeast Asian leg will happen this April 30, 2022 while the LATAM leg will happen earlier on April 23, 2022.

The Rise of Helios tournament is one of the major activities by Thetan Arena in their list of events and updates happening this quarter 2 of 2022.

Aside from Rise of Helios, other events and activities such as the Hero Master campaign, Hero Hunt event, Lucinista series event and an upcoming major game update are announced as well. Esports is becoming the next big frontier for play-to-earn games with major titles like Axie Infinity going all-in with global and regional tournaments scheduled all throughout the year. Various esports related grants are also being allocated to tournament organizers to help boost rewards and visibility in the now growing NFT esports space.

Thetan Arena also launched their Guild Accelerator Program last month which gave incentives to various guilds that specialize in the game