Thetan Arena creator corner ups rewards

Thetan Arena Creator Corner raises rewards 250%

It's a good month to be a Thetan Arena fan with a YouTube account...

It’s a great day for Thetan Arena’s content creator partners, as the game developers have just announced that they will be increasing the reward rate by 250% for the first 30 days of the feature’s launch.

The adjustment comes just a week after the announcement of the Creator Corner Program.

The Creator Corner program is Thetan Arena’s content creator initiative, which offers rewards for creators such as YouTubers and livestreamers who can produce video and image content for the game.

This content can include features, reviews, think pieces and even live gameplay videos posted on major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

To join, content creators must first sign up using an online form and have their channels and accounts reviewed by the Thetan Arena team. Once qualified, content creators must then produce at least 5 pieces of content for Thetan Arena within a month.

Aside from the number of pieces of content, creators must also strive to hit viewership targets set by Thetan Arena to determine their potential reward amount — content that is able to generate more than 100,000 views, or “viewpoints” as Thetan Arena calls them, can earn as much as USD $3,500 per month in Thetan Gems.

Aside from the monthly incentives, additional reward options include perks such as access to upcoming content, exclusive loot boxes, and other special treats.

United Gamers Analysis and Perspective

Partnership programs between video game developers or publishers and content creators or influencers are nothing new and have existed long before NFT games came along.

These partnerships help increase awareness and reach for the game as well as generate hype for upcoming content.

While creators are often encouraged to be somewhat neutral with their content output — especially with reviews and feature previews — issues regarding being biased towards the promoted game or brand can still arise.

Content creators will have to tread carefully with their statements in their video content. Good, valuable content is both objective and thoughtful, and should generally be balanced.

Nevertheless, programs such as Thetan Arena’s Creator Corner helps establish that extra connection between the game development or publishing team and the audience, by way of partnering or teaming up with the voices and personalities that the community listens to.

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