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Thetan Arena launches Guild Accelerator Program

Time to cross the G.A.P.!

MOBA play-to-earn title, Thetan Arena has just launched a new Guild Accelerator Program that provides up to USD $500,000 in grants to its future guild partners.

Guilds have become a huge cornerstone in the play-to-earn ecosystem as they help bridge players and projects together by offering opportunities for end-users to participate in blockchain games. In Thetan Arena’s Guild Accelerator Program or G.A.P. partner guilds can soon enjoy various privileges and benefits by way of earning guild points and participating in monthly activities.

The prerequisites seem simple enough as it just requires guilds to include Thetan Arena in their Twitter branding and as well as on any website that they are hosting. Once they qualify, each guild will receive a referral link which can earn them guild points for every successful referral.

The referral instructions aren’t just about getting players to register for Thetan Arena though as certain requirements such as purchasing of NFT items, renting of heroes, staking of THG or completing at least 5 battles in game must be completed before the referral is counted.

Guilds who are able to hit a certain number of referrals will earn guild points that will help them unlock various benefits such as cross marketing efforts, partnership opportunities, exclusive NFT drops and whitelist access, and even the guild’s own customized in-game character. 

Aside from referrals and guild points, guilds must also commit to participating in the monthly Thetan Arena activities that include video and livestream content, leaderboards, airdrops and tournaments. But perhaps the biggest benefit to joining Thetan Arena’s G.A.P. is the THG grant. Depending on guild size, G.A.P. partners can get up to 10,000 THG in grants (roughly USD 7,800) in guild funding.

Application for the Thetan Arena Guild Accelerator Program is now ongoing and interested guild owners can head on to the registration page to see if they can qualify. Alternatively they can also check out more info about this program through a presentation posted by Thetan Arena on their official twitter account.