Thetan Arena Hero fusion event returns this August

Time to get new heroes!

The very well-received hero fusion event makes a comeback in Thetan Arena. The feature which allows players to get new NFT heroes in exchange for old ones is back for a limited time this month.

The Thetan Arena hero fusion is a limited-time event. The event allows for players to fuse old NFT heroes and continue the play-and-earn cycle. With new heroes, players can continue to earn gTHG rewards. The fusion event will also allow for players to get higher rarity NFT heroes. The fusion mechanic first went live back in May 2022. At that time it was also a limited-time event just like the one running now.

Fusion will enable players to continue the play-and-earn loop without spending too much. Outside of fusion, new NFT heroes can be acquired from the marketplace or through lootboxes simply by reusing their old heroes. The blockchain MOBA puts a limit on their heroes when it comes to how many games they are able to earn in-game rewards. Through fusion, heroes that are at their limit get extra utility by fusing them to acquire new heroes. Players can also acquire the game’s hottest or popular heroes through fusion and even Epic and Legendary tier characters.

This month’s hero fusion event follows the same set of rules as the one in May. Thetan Arena players will need 3 NFT heroes that are not rented out or listed on sale at the marketplace.  Factors like level, rarity and the number of gTHC battles help determine the value of the output hero, and it will be at random. Players can also refresh the fusion and there is a limited pool of heroes available when it comes to the results. Thetan Arena points out that most of the results will be Epic and Legendary tier heroes

Thetan Arena’s hero fusion event will run until August 12, 2022. More information on how fusion works and other specifics is available on the Thetan Arena blog.