Thetan Arena Summer Vibes

Thetan Arena launches Summer Vibes update

Complete with fun summer skins for Meiko, Culien and El Dragon!

The heat is on for Thetan Arena as they launch the Summer Vibes in-game update. The new themed and limited time event will be bringing in new mechanics, cosmetics and activities as well as a brand new hero and a map to battle on.

One of the new key features of the Summer Vibes update is the new Fusion mechanic. In this new mechanic players can re-utilize heroes that are at the end of their Thetan Coin (gTHC) battle life cycle by combining them and getting new heroes.

In Thetan Arena, heroes have a limited number of gTHC battles meaning that they can only earn Thetan Coins for a certain amount of time or a certain number of matches. These heroes can still be used in games after the end of their gTHC timeline however they will not be able to earn gTHC as rewards. This mechanic was put in place presumably to invoke a sense of economic loop wherein players will either be purchasing or acquiring new NFT heroes either via directly purchasing them in the marketplace or through loot boxes so they could start playing and earning again.

As of the moment, there’s not a lot of details yet about this new fusion mechanic but more info about how this would exactly work and if it also is a burning mechanic for Thetan Arena tokens will be released and confirmed in the near future.

Speaking of heroes, a new hero is also coming to Thetan Arena together with the Summer Vibes update. Not a lot of information is also available just yet for this new hero, but they are described as someone who is “going to be the key to victory due to the ability to turn the tide in every battle”.

Together with the new hero also comes new hero skins themed around the Summer season and will include Ghost Captain Meiko, Boombi Shark Culien and Lifeguad El Dragon. A new map called “Treasure Island” is also included in the Summer Vibes update and the map will be available for all of the game modes.

Together with all the new cosmetics and other in-game features, new daily quests will also be included in Thetan Arena’s Summer Vibes. Daily quests are a way to earn additional rewards while playing Thetan Arena and can include basic tasks such as playing a set number of games, or more challenging ones like earning in-game milestones.

Summer Vibes is just the latest update in Thetan Arena. Recently, the P2E MOBA has made customizing skins and a making custom game lobbies for practice available to the public.