Thetan Arena Lunar New Year

Thetan Arena announces special events in time for Lunar New Year

Earn Gems, grab lootboxes, purchase heroes...

NFT MOBA game title Thetan Arena has revealed a new series of in-game events as part of their Lunar New Year celebration. These in-game events look to boost in-game activity while offering rewards to the game’s best players.

Each day from January 26 to February 2, 2022, players can participate in the Event Leaderboards for Thetan Arena’s different PVP game modes, Deathmatch, SuperStar, Tower, Battle Royale Solo and Battle Royale Duo for a chance to earn Thetan Gems or gTHG.

Thetan Gems are Thetan Arena’s governance and utility token that can only be earned through events. gTHG can be used mainly for staking but it can also be utilized to upgrade or purchase heroes and lootboxes from the market.

To participate in these events, players must at least be or have achieved a rank of Private IV in game. Additionally, only players with the following NFT heroes or heroes that are purchased either from the marketplace, in-game shop or lootboxes, with specific skins will be able to participate:

  • Shanna – Dynasty’s Ranger
  • Velvet – Violet Blossom
  • Velvet – Lunar New Year
  • Big Papa – Lunar New Year
  • Serp – Lunar New Year
  • Morrod – Lunar New Year
  • Breaker – Lunar New Year
  • El Dragon – Lunar New Year 
  • Steelshot – Lunar New Year

As the event has an accompanying leaderboard, Thetan Arena has also imposed a limit of 24 maximum event battles per game mode for this event. This is to level out the playing field by giving equal chances to event participants and avoid the issue of some participants being able to play more games than the rest.

With the NFT Hero requirement, Free-to-Play users might feel left out in Thetan Arena’s new event. Not to completely worry though, as Free-to-Play users can opt to use the Hero Rental feature in order to participate.

A total of 35,000 gTHG will be divided and rewarded to the Top 1,000 players after the event is over, with the actual amount to show in the leaderboard dashboard. As of this article’s writing THG is trading at PHP 104.14 or USD $2.03.