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Thetan Arena reveals Q2 plans and Activity Calendar

It’s ready to go full swing!

Play-to-earn MOBA title Thetan Arena is entering the quarter of 2022 with a bit of a bang as they present new updates and upcoming plans. From community activities to some new major game updates, Thetan Arena’s quarter 2 of 2022 activities will look to benefit not just players but also content creators and guilds as well.


thetan arena activities
Thetan Arena’s Activity calendar is packed | Graphic from Thetan Arena Twitter

Starting with some continuing activities, the previously announced
Guild Accelerator Program is still in full swing with the registrations for soon to be partner guild still ongoing. The Guild Accelerator Program or GAP is designed to help incentivize Thetan Arena based guilds with a grant pool of USD 500,000 worth of THG or Thetan Gems to be rewarded. The program also comes with various monthly activities assigned to partner guilds and as well as a tiering system, each with its own specific benefit.

Another ongoing activity for quarter 2 of 2022 is the Creator Corner, Thetan Arena’s incentive program for content creators and influencers. Just like the GAP, the Creator Corner will reward partner creators with Thetan Gems depending on the type of content that they put out as well as the number of audience that they can reach. 

In terms of new activities for this quarter, Thetan Arena kicked things off with a Top Active Members incentive reserved for members of their Facebook community. Gifts will be sent out to the top 5 members that can earn the most engagement for the period of April 1 to April 30, 2022 although it has not been detailed yet as to what these gifts are.

Another community activity is the Lucinista series, an in-game fashion event, a Hero Hunt rental contest, and as well as the Hero Master campaign livestream series.

Of course the Thetan Arena game itself will have something new this quarter as a Raise of Helios concept is introduced which we assume will be an in-game event. A mega update is also being planned and we should be seeing more details about these 2 new activities very soon.