thetan staking sale

Thetan Arena Staking users to gain access to several private sales

It’s happening next week!

Thetan Arena players will be enjoying staking benefits soon as Thetan announces that staking users will be able to participate in a series of private sales starting next week May 10, 2022. The first exclusive sale on the list for Thetan’s staking users is for the upcoming play-to-earn gaming platform Balthazar.  

Play-to-earn MOBA Thetan Arena announced recently that users who will participate it staking program will soon be part of the allowlist for several private token sales. The first of which is for Balthazar, an upcoming play-to-earn focused gaming platform. As per their website, the platform is hosting a dynamic scholarship scheme where they not only link owners to scholars but also seem to handle management and a few logistics. Aside from scholarships, Balthazar also has their own marketplace, as well as a list of upcoming projects that include an MMO, a tower defense game and a racing game. The Balthazar platform will also soon support Thetan Arena as well as other NFT games like Pegaxy, and Illuvium. 

In addition to the Balthazar platform, Thetan Arena staking users can also soon participate in the private token sale event of Infinity Force, a play-to-earn platform that’s focused on guild management. While not a lot of information is available on Infinity Force, their website does list functionalities such as real time monitoring, automated payments and a Infinity Academy feature.

The allowlist for both private sale events are coming up soon, although it is worth noting that the first private sale is taking place next week, May 10, 2022.

Users who wish to have the chance of joining the allowlist can still do so by utilizing the staking feature on the Thetan Arena marketplace. Note that a specific staking condition must also be followed and that is to use the High Rewards stake option in order to gain tickets for the private token sales. Each ticket will have its predetermined value and depending on the number of tickets a user holds, that is also the equivalent amount that they can use during the private sale events. Thetan Arena also adds that users can only do one transaction during a private sale and reminds players to “thoroughly consider how much they wish to put in a Private Sale” before proceeding with any buy-ins.

Thetan Arena has been making moves to recover their once great prominence in the blockchain gaming scene. They’ve recently also launched their custom battles game mode where players can practice playing the game without risk of losing rewards.