Thetan Arena to give away NFT heroes in Marketplace Quest

Anyone up for some free NFTs?

The blockchain MOBA game Thetan Arena opens a new rewards opportunity for players. In their new program, players can have the chance to unlock NFT heroes and start to be part of the play-and-earn ecosystem.

Titled the Marketplace Quest, Thetan Arena’s new program is part of their Quest-to-Earn activity. In Marketplace Quest, players will be able to get new NFT heroes as well as other rewards. The mechanics are very straightforward, players only need to check on the available quests from the Thetan Arena marketplace. Players then need to complete them for points, and earn rewards based on the points that they earn. After earning enough points players can then use it to unlock quest boxes which can contain NFT heroes. Other rewards such as cosmetics and in-game tokens are available as well.

Players need to take note that the NFT heroes are not completely free. NFT heroes earned via rewards still have to be minted them before they can be used.. Minting NFT heroes in Thetan Arena requires the use of tokens so players must be sure to have them loaded on their wallet. It is also worth noting that the quest boxes also follow a Gacha system. Common heroes have the highest unlock percentage followed by Epic and Legendaries. Cosmectics and gTHC or Thetan Coins.

The Thetan Arena quest box showing the different percentages of each loot
The Thetan Arena quest box showing the different percentages of each loot

The Marketplace Quest program also comes with a leaderboard. Players who can commit to the grind will enter the ranking and additional rewards will be available depending on their final ranking. A Daily Check-In challenge is also available for players to earn more reward points. Points from the Daily Check-in can inspire if not claimed so players must make sure to check-in on the Thetan Arena marketplace in order to claim extra points.

The Thetan Arena Marketplace is just one of the many rewards programs available in the game. This is in addition to the ongoing Coinbase loot promotion that rewards users that will link their Thetan Arena accounts to coinbase with more gacha boxes.