UGD Feature – Anito Legends

An NFT game that's proudly Pinoy

Folklore meets NFT in Masayato Games’ Anito Legends, a new blockchain game title by a team of Filipino developers. The new auto-battler features creatures from Philippine Mythology intertwined with play-and-earn and asset ownership mechanics.

Game Overview

Anito Legends is a multiplatform, free-to-play blockchain game under the auto-battler genre. The game borrows inspiration from Philippine mythology and folklore with characters like the Tikbalang (half-horse half human like the Minotaur) and Bakunawa (Filipino dragon that lives in a lake and eats the moon causing eclipses). It has both PVP and PVE modes and is running on the Binance Smart Chain.


As an autobattler battles in Anito Legends are automatically resolved. This means that characters automatically perform attacks once deployed in the battlefield. The combat is turn-based and players take turns when performing attacks and defense. Players can use a team of 3 characters called Anitos each divided into 4 classes:

  • Kiwig – shapeshifters with high attack  damage and serve as the team’s main damage dealer
  • Sarangay – masters of camouflage and excellent marksmen, this class serve well as tanks due to their high HP
  • Siyokoy – Fast, hard hitters that make for very deadly attackers
  • Tikbalang – Fast runners and love to race, this class are also used as tanks with their high defense rate

Anitos can also equip different items to help boost their capabilities. These equipment are in the form of weapons, shields and armor. As it follows a rock-papers-scissors system for combat, each Anito class can be stronger or weaker than the other. 

  • Kiwig –  strong against the Tikbalang but weak against Siyokoy
  • Tikbalang – weak against the Kiwig but strong against Sarangay
  • Sarangay – strong against Siyokoy but weak against the Tikbalang
  • Siyokoy – strong against the Kiwig but weak against the Sarangay
  • Anitos deal +10% attack damage to classes that they are strong against


Chart showing the weakness and strengths of each Anito against the other classes.
Anito Legends affinity chart

Aside from base damage, different status effects are also present which includes:

  • Poison – deals damage every turn
  • Sleep – makes Anitos unable to attack for a number of turns
  • Confuse – has a 50% of attacking teammates instead of enemies, lasts for one turn only.

PVE Mode – Tower

Anito Legends’ PVE Mode Tower utilizes roguelike mechanics for gameplay. This means that tower layouts undergo procedural generation making each run more unique than the previous one. A team of 3 anitos must compete in many towers as they can in one life. Each tower has a final boss, and defeating the final boss will net Anitos rewards such as crafting materials and gear. 

PVP Mode – Arena 

Arena is Anito Legends’ only PVP mode, players can deploy a team of 3 anitos to take on other players.  Each player can set-up 2 teams – one for attack and one for defense. Attacking teams are what players use to attack other players and will face off against other players’ defense teams. Defense teams on the other hand are what other players face when they attack other players. Same was with the PVE PVP still follows the autobattler mechanic. Battles resolve automatically, and asynchronously meaning that a player can both be attacking and defending at the same time. 

NFT Assets

NFT Assets in Anito Legends are the Anitos themselves, playable characters that players can use in-game. All of the anito classes are available and can be earned through Gacha boxes available on the Anito Marketplace. Currently, the genesis collection or “Ang Sina Una” is available to collect with 10,000 Anitos available in the initial supply.


In Anito Legends, players can use 2 types of tokens – LARO and IGNITO

LARO is the governance token following the BEP-20 standard. It can be used in the Anito Legends marketplace to purchase or sell Anito NFTs and staking rewards. Aside from purchase and staking, LARO’s utility also includes:

  • Summoning or Breeding
  • Special Tower Access for unique towers during PVE
  • PVP governance including voting on various changes, buffs and nerfs
  • Future Battle Pass Access

As it is a governance coin, LARO will have a finite amount with only 100,000,000 coins.

IGNITO on the other  hand, is Anito Legends play-and-earn rewards coin. These coins can be obtained both in PVP and PVE. IGNITO’s utility includes breeding and equipment crafting with more utility coming in the near future as per the Anito Legends’ team.

The Team

Anito Legends is on development by the Masayato Games. It’s founder, James Chua is the co-founder of Pixelkit and Popsicle Games, indie game developers based in the Philippine. Joining James Chua is another Popsicle Games co-founder, Jed Cruz. Cruz is Masayato Games’ Chief Creative Officer. Another team member is Erick Grayalbas, the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Erick Gayalbas is also a co-founder of Popsicle Games on top of that he also is a co-founder of another indie game studio Kuyi Games.


Anito Legends list of partners include:

  • SparkPoint
  • Exnetwork Capital
  • AplhaCoin Fund
  • Automatic Venture Group
  • AVStar Capital
  • Nine Financial Venture
  • KingPad
  • Dreamboat Capital
  • Moneybees
  • Spherium Finance
  • Daoverse Capital
  • Nour Capital
  • 8Ventures
  • ADROA Capital
  • Good Game Society
  • PinkSale


Anito Legends is now available to play and download for free for the Windows PC, iOS and Android platforms. Later this year, the team aims to introduce new Anito classes followed by tournaments and more in-game content. An automated scholarship system is also now in development and will launch next year.