UGD Feature – Chibi Clash

Explore, build your army, and of course, play and earn

A new autobattler is here to join the growing list of web3 games. Created by Kuma Games, Chibi Clash joins the list of auto-battlers in the blockchain game space.


Chibi Clash describes itself as a “built-for-web3 fantasy gaming universe” with PvP auto battler mechanics as its core. The passive, yet competitive game genre arguably started with the Auto Chess map mod for Dota 2. Auto Chess eventually grew into its own separate title and even inspired new games such as Teamfight Tactics and the Magic Chess mode for Mobile Legends. As a blockchain game, Chibi Clash is built with a play-to-own system complete with token rewards and gamified staking. The game’s visuals is also inspired by the historical Romance of the Three Kingdoms written by Luo Guanzhong.


As an auto-battler game, matches in Chibi Clash will automatically resolve. Players will still have to deploy units in the battle area but the units battle automatically. Each player starts a match with 10 Morale, serving as their life points. The first player to win 10 battles gets declared as the winner. Winning battles mean wiping out enemy troops. During a match, players will have access to different troops and will be able to upgrade them as the battles progress. Items are also unlockable during battles and each item can either deal damage or provide buffs for units. Just like the units, weapons can also be upgraded. Units also come with unique skills on top of their base attack and health stats. These skills can either debuff random enemy units, have special effects or even damage random enemies at the start of the battle round.


In Chibi Clash, players can use NFTs called Chibi Citizens. Chibi Citizens is an NFT collection that will “complement the core game economy by introducing features for earning and burning“. Chibi Citizens are divided into 4 classes – Farmer, Trader, Craftsman and Soldier. Each class has their own benefits mainly towards the amount of rewards players can get by staking them. Chibi Citizen NFTs can also mint other resources that will have utility in the core gameplay. 

  • Farmers can be staked to earn SHIN and leveled up to mint Wood, Grain, and Stone.
  • Traders can be staked to earn SHIN and leveled up to mint Metal, Fabric, and Ink.Craftsman (30% chance).
  • Craftsmen can be staked to earn SHIN and leveled up to craft Battle Item NFTs.
  • Soldier (10% chance). Soldiers can be staked to protect the other Citizens, but in return charges a 20% protection fee on all $SHIN earned from staking. Staked Soldiers also have a chance to confiscate Resources minted by Farmers and Traders.

Chibi Citizens can also be upgraded to generate more rewards. Upgrades are unlocked overtime and are done via cumulative staking.


Chibi Clash has 2 tokens – CLASH for governance and SHIN for utility.

CLASH will be the key to help drive development for the game. As a governance token it will allow holders to participate and vote on proposals for future game improvements and can also stake it for additional rewards. CLASH will also include additional utility such as use for future NFTs and in the marketaplace.

SHIN on the other hand is Chibi Clash’s utility and rewards token. Players can acquire SHIN through play-to-earn rewards and as well as staking. SHIN’s utility will include minting both Chibi Citizen NFTs and as well as Resources. Similar to many other utility tokens, SHIN is uncapped meaning that it will not have any limit with market burn being the indicator of its balance and value.

Both CLASH and SHIN run using the ERC-20 protocol and runs on the Polygon Network.

The Team

Chibi Clash is developed by Kuma Games. The studio was founded back in 2020 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. The studio’s founder is Ted “Wago” Mui who is also the company’s CEO. Wago was the former CEO of PiiK Games, and MoEsports, both based in the Vancouver, Canada Area. Prior to founding his own companies, Wago also worked as a project manager for Zynga back in the 2013-2014 period.


Chibi Clash list of partners include:

  • Polkastarter
  • Polygon Studios
  • Avocado DAO
  • Meta GG
  • Jump Capital
  • AU21 Capital
  • Petrock Capital
  • LVT Capitral
  • GenBlock Capital
  • Shima Capital
  • TK Ventures
  • Newtribe Capital
  • NGC Finance
  • Kyros Ventures
  • C2 Ventures
  • Rainmaker Games
  • BlackPool
  • Primo Consulting
  • Cozomo


Chibi Clash is a game that is still in development. The team has just completed its Chibi Citizen Mint and as well as the release of the SHIN token. A pre-alpha playtest is now ongoing which will followed by a full alpha release to testers. the CLASH governance token is also on the way and a beta release for Chibi Clash is planned for Q4 of 2022.