UGD Feature – Delysium

Become the metabeing that you were born to be

The blockchain gaming industry’s quest to produce titles of AAA quality continues this time with Delysium. Still in development, the game promises open-world exploration and combat in a highly futuristic setting as well as unique features such as the playable whitepaper.

Game Overview

Delysium is an upcoming ‘AAA’ blockchain game in an open world setting. Based on its trailers and bits of of gameplay, the game shows a third-person view setup with mainly shooting mechanics as well as looting. As a blockchain title, Delysium plans to include play and earn components. However, the development team has not released info on blockchain technology used yet but is most likely Ethereum similar to many NFT games.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game is mainly a third-person open world shooter. This means camera perspective is above the playable character’s shoulder similar to many single player and multiplayer RPG games. It’s gameplay incorporates both open-survival and PVP elements. During each gameplay session players explore to loot equipment such as weapons and try to survive against enemy teams. The playable area shrinks at different intervals restricting the play space similar to many battle royale titles. To win each match, players or teams must be the last player standing or wipe out the rest of the enemy players.


As of the moment, Delysium’s NFT collection includes:

  • Weapons
  • Artwork and Icons

In the future though, this collection will expand into:

  • Suits or Avatar Suits
  • Cyberbody, a form of equipment
  • Battle Passes

NFTs are sold on the game’s online marketplace and use USDC for transactions or purchase as the game currently has no in-game token.

The Team

Development for Delysium is led by rct AI, the company is based in Burbank California with employees from China, Hong Kong and USA. Rct AI is described as an AI solutions provider for games, and “building the true metaverse with AI generated content”. The company is founded back in 2018 with the help of Skysaga capital, during the same year the company is also part or Tech Crunch’s list of “9 favorite startups from the Y Combinator Demo Day event”.


Delysium’s listed partners include:

  • Galaxy Interactive
  • Republic Crypto
  • Alameda Research
  • Anthos Capital
  • Bas1s Ventures
  • Eureka Meta Capital
  • Y2Z Ventures
  • Tess Ventures
  • Infinity Ventures Crypto
  • Lucid Blue Ventures
  • Unix Gaming
  • Ancient8
  • PathDAO
  • Mask Network
  • Smrti Lab
  • Metasense DAO


Delysium is currently in development, and is ongoing its invite only alpha phase. The development team however has not detailed anything regarding a roadmap yet.