UGD Feature – Double Jump

Jump through hoops and win prizes in this exciting blockchain game!

If you’re a fan of games like Fall Guys, then Double Jump would be right your alley. The new multiplayer blockchain experience will have players double-jumping through challenges while exploring blockchain possibilities and play and earn rewards.


Double Jump is a ‘race-to-finish platform-royale’ featuring multiple players. In the game, players will race to a finish line while overcoming different obstacles and challenges. The game follows similar mechanics to the popular web2 game Fall Guys. As a web3 title, Double Jump implements features like NFTs and also a ‘play-to-mint’ concept where players can have access to whitelists simply by winning a race. Double Jump is built on the Solana Blockchain and is free-to-play on the Magic Eden platform.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

The goal in Double Jump is simple – become the last player standing. To do this, players must overcome different obstacles in the game map. These obstacles include:

  • Moving platforms
  • Road blockers
  • Gaps
  • Rolling obstacles and more

For controls, players can use WASD to move around and space to jump. Just like the game’s name a double jump feature is also available and can be done by pressing the jump button twice. Each game session will have 3 rounds and will take place on random maps. Players are eliminated each round until only 1 player is left standing. There are 2 ways to win in Double Jump and that is to either be the last player left or to be the first player to reach the end of the obstacle course.


NFTs in Double Jump currently include different skins for Jumpers. Jumpers are the characters that player use in-game and also has a free-to-play version. Jumpers with custom NFT skins share the same characteristics as the base form. But these NFT skins are not just purely for cosmetics. Owning NFT Jumpers also means that you get to earn more in the game’s play-and-rewards system. NFT skins will come in seasonal releases. Information regarding availability of these skins would be available during each release campaign.

Community Generated Assets

The Double Jump community can have active participation in the game by creating their own custom maps. This is through the use of a custom map creation tool that the team plans to release in the future. Maps that are made using the map-creation tool will be voted on first and approved maps will then be part of the game’s map rotation. Custom maps can also be monetized through the form of royalties. Creators can earn royalties if their custom maps are used for in-game tournaments though there is no info yet if these royalties will come in form of the game’s token.


A blockchain token also exists in Double Jump. The game uses the JUMP token mainly for utility and staking rewards. The JUMP token’s utility includes participation in in-game tournaments and marketplace transactions for future item trading. Players can earn JUMP tokens by winning in the in-game tournaments and through staking rewards. As it is on the Solana blockchain, the JUMP token is also completely based on Solana. As of this time though, there is no available info yet regarding any vesting or distribution of the JUMP token or if it will have any Governance functions.

Meet the Team

Double Jump describes its development team as a team composed of experienced AAA game developers. As of the moment though, the team members are not fully doxxed yet and the only info available come in the form of avatars and brief descriptions.


Double Jump is now available and free-to-play on the Magic Eden platform. The current game version comes with 4 multiplayer maps and a leaderboard feature. The first sale of NFT Jumpers took place back in May 2022 with more skin drops coming later this year. This coming October the team plans to release more maps and launch the in-game marketplace together with the JUMP token and the tournament game mode. The custom map builder tool is coming this November with the official release to come much later as well as a battle pass system.