UGD Feature – Metalcore

This could be the AAA blockchain game that you have been waiting for

The dawn of AAA blockchain games is near and it begins with Metalcore. Combining the popular mechanics of your favorite FPS games plus giant robots, Studio369’s upcoming title is more about the gameplay plus a few blockchain opportunities.

Game Overview

Metalcore is a “AAA blockchain game” developed by Studio369. The futuristic FPS shooter also includes mecha and vehicle fighter mechanics similar to games like Battlefield and Titanfall. Metalcore includes both PVP and PVE elements in its gameplay, and, also heavily utilizes mechas or giant robots. As for its blockchain aspect, the game currently has NFTs running on Ethereum but did not detail any tokens just yet. This could mean that the blockchain focus is on asset ownership rather than play-to-earn.

Gameplay Mechanics

In the world of Metalcore, players will start off as recruits and engage in PVE campaigns as human or humanoid fighters. Being an FPS game, players can use a variety of weapons to explore the world, fight enemy AI and loot resources. After hitting a certain level, players can then gain access to PVP. At this point players will be joining one of the 3 factions – Metal Punks, Gearbreakers, and The Holy Corporation and fight for supremacy.

Metalcore’s PVP is also based on the factions. Battles take place in the Battle Zone and combines key elements from other popular FPS PVP modes. To win in the Battle Zone, factions must:

  • Control the most tactical points for a length of time
  • Destroy the enemy base
  • Defeat all enemy units before a timer ends
  • Make the enemy team lose all of its respawn points.

Tactical points in the battle zone also provide various bonuses including faster reload and heal times. Battles in Metalcore are massive and can have up to 100 players. During PVP, players can also deploy vehicles or “war machines” that include:

  • Tanks
  • Planes or Jets
  • Scout Vehicles and of course
  • Giant Robots

War Machines can fill various roles during PVP gameplay including recon, tanking damage, and support. War machines also come in various configurations with up to 10,000 configurations possible. As part of the battle, War Machines will take damage and can get destroyed. Maintenance of war machines take place in the garage and players can also customize their war machines before heading to the battle zone. War Machines are tradeable and players can also rent them to other players.


As of the moment Metalcore’s NFT collection include the Infantries. These collectible avatars are also what players use so they can play the game. Aside from infantries, lands are also going to be part of Metalcore’s NFT collection.

The Baronies

Baronies are another essential element to Metalcore. This system is similar to a clan system with ranks, leaders, dues and rewards. Baronies allow players to form factions within factions and engage in PVP battles with their clan mates.

The Team

Metalcore’s development is led by Studio 369. The team is made up of members who were previously members of other known game development and game publishing companies like ActiVision, Disney Lucas Films and Midway. Studio369’s founder Matt Candler was a previous producer for ActiVision and has worked on projects like BattleZone and Mechwarrior. Dan Nikolaides, the Chief Technology Officer and Jon Cooper, the Design Director, were both former members of Midway Games and Warner Bros. Games, while producer Dan Felts is a former director of consumer products for Paramount Pictures’ games division.


The Metalcore project is backed by multiple VCs and as well as known blockchain brands including:

  • Delphi Digital
  • Bitkraft
  • Sanctor Capital
  • Youbi Capital
  • Animoca Brands
  • Bitscale capital
  • Dialectic
  • Fundamental Labs
  • Spartan Group
  • Umbrella
  • ZBS Capital
  • Infinity Ventures


Metalcore is currently on limited access alpha available to partner guilds and NFT holders. A PVE early access is the next target on the roadmap as well as the launch of the Barony system and the genesis mint for lands. The game has no available release date yet but it is expected to come out sometime in 2023.