Upcoming P2E FPS Shrapnel nets $7Million after successful Token sale

Look's like they're fully loaded!

Up and coming NFT game Shrapnel, which is developed by a team of experienced members who were involved in various known IPs have announced that they have successfully completed their token sale participated by venture capitalists and investors. The sale featured companies and investors such as Three Arrows Capital, Dragonfly, Citadel Global Equities and Kleiner Perkins.

The sale was able to net the Shrapnel team an additional USD 7 million in funding as they push development of the new shooting game experience. This new round of funding adds to the USD 10.5 million that Neon, the development studio behind Shrapnel, raised back in November 2021 through a seed funding round. Shrapnel promises the “AAA multiplayer shooter experience” combined with the incentivized gameplay that is at the core of many NFT and play-to-earn games as well as player owned and utilized assets.

According to Shrapnel’s Whitepaper, players will get to collect and own gear and cosmetics by completing missions, but as part of the gameplay loop, these gear can get dropped should players get taken down during missions and fights. Each gear will also offer different benefits and utility making players rethink and recalibrate how they approach fights and missions when playing the game. Features such as gear upgrades, consumables, and crafting will be made available as well. 

In terms of design, Shrapnel looks to combine sci-fi elements with the gritty realism of the urban-combat aesthetic, with a tactical look set in a post-apocalyptic world. The look feels reminiscent of games like Call of Duty, and Apex Legends, although we are judging mainly based on the promo material as actual gameplay footage or graphics are yet to be made available. 

Shrapnel is still largely in development and while they do have a roadmap, it does not yet include actual dates as to when we get to have a glimpse at the game. As of the moment, the project is completing Phase I of their milestones which include establishing socials, and their online community.

It’s also been a big week for P2E games generating funding with Axie Infinity securing 150M USD to help combat the catastrophic Ronin Hack and P2E 4x Strategy game Civitas raising $20 million