What’s new in Axie Infinity Origin Season 0

More SLP utility is finally here!

Axie Infinity Origin is still full steam ahead and that is evident with a new major update. Finally adding what many have been waiting for – more utility for SLP – is this the comeback that blockchain gamers are all waiting for?

The update, described as the 3rd Phase of Axie Infinity Origin’s current form, brings about many major changes into the hit blockchain title. The most important one being the inclusion of SLP rewards into ranked battles. SLP rewards will also now not be available for Battles v2 as the Sky Mavis team ushers the transition into Origin. In addition to SLP rewards, runes and charms are also now live as well as balance updates and more leaderboard rewards.

SLP Rewards are here!

Competitive Axie Infinity Origin players are in for a treat as SLP rewards finally make their way into the game. Players will earn SLP rewards during PVP with the rewards based on player rank. Season 0 will also see a reduction in waiting time for SLP minting from 14 days now down to 7. This is to help accommodate the new crafting feature for Charms and Runes. For season 0 however, players will have to wait for 30 days before minting SLP. The Sky Mavis team will use this time period to monitor any bugs, or exploits regarding this new minting process.

Ranked Season 0

As the title suggests, the new Origin update also brings in the game’s competitive Season 0. Season 0 will bring SLP rewards as well as adjusted AXS rewards. Season 0 will have a total of 60,708 AXS allocated for the top 20,000 players. This season’s top 1 will receive 600,000 mAXS equivalent to 600 AXS. Season 0 will also last for only 30 days after which Season 1 will then follow. The start of Season 0 also means the end of the competitive season for Battles v2.

Runes and Charms updated

In order to get more competitive edge, players are now able to craft Runes and Charms. One of the biggest additions to Origin’s gameplay, runes and charms provide various buffs and allow players diversify gameplay approach, changing the game’s meta. Together with crafting, players can also disenchant runes and charms. Disenchanting is a mechanic where players can destroy runes and charms to recover SLP and moon shards. This will allow players to craft other runes and charms mid-season to fit their playstyle. Note that both crafting and disenchanting only works for NFT runes and charms, otherwise known as Ronin runes and charms.

A full list of what’s new in Origin is available for players to check out on the Axie Substack, also known as The Lunacian.