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World Premier of the Axie Land Gameplay Teaser Released

Gathering, producing, crafting, and more!

Over the weekend, the Axie Infinity team released the world premiere teaser trailer for Axie Land giving everyone a taste of what to expect out of the long overdue utility. The game is slated to have an Alpha launch by the end of this year. 

Axie Land or Lunacia is part of the bigger Axie Infinity ecosystem. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-enabled NFT game that was released back in 2018 and gained popularity last year during the pandemic lockdown. Players are able to raise and breed NFT creatures called Axie where they can battle other players for rewards such as SLP and AXS for real-world cash. 

We recently reported on Game Lead Philip La presenting details on an upcoming launch of Axie Land. Many details were discussed during the presentation with live streamer Zyori, but they did not show any gameplay footage yet which many were expecting. They did say there had been very early footage released on Axie Land from when it was earlier released but there was not much gameplay to speak of



In this teaser trailer, we are able to see some gameplay of what to expect when the game launches. At first impression, it is reminiscent of many city-building games like Anno, Banished, and Tropico or even resource-gathering games like Farmville (at least for those who remember that game). 

The trailer features three main aspects of the game that people can do with their Land; gathering, producing, and crafting. Players can use their worker Axies to do those jobs and when you do, they will place those resources in your inventory.

If you need any resources that are available on the land, you can send out worker Axies to gather and store them so you can use them later to build structures. If food is what you need, you can send worker Axies to farms to produce corn, for example. 

Crafting is similar. Do you want to craft higher-level food or maybe items? Then you just need to make sure you have the right resources in storage and start crafting them in the appropriate building. Don’t have the necessary items, then perhaps you can gather or produce them. 

Philip La and the rest of the team have stated that many of the gameplay mechanics detailed in the Axie Land teaser trailer are still subject to change so things can still be different from the initial launch. They have stated, however, that they wanted to update the community and give a feel for players that have invested or plan to invest in Axie Land. 

Axie Land continues to be one of the most expensive NFT assets in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, with land plots going for thousands of dollars. This is why there is a lot of hype and expectation from the game. La had previously expressed in his live stream interview hosted by Zyori that they are trying to make up for the lack of update on Land now and want to really involve the community.

Axie Land is slated for an Alpha release before the year ends. We will be posting updates as more information becomes available.

It was an eventful weekend for cryptogaming’s big fish as Axie Infinity also announced that their latest Season for the main game will push through despite almost being canceled.