pegaxy breeding

You can breed as many times as you want in Pegaxy right now

The breeding cooldown has been set to zero!

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Pegaxy, Corey Wilton, recently discussed some of the latest breeding updates for the game. Wilton detailed the new Burning and Breeding event which allows owners to essentially breed pegas however many times they want.

Pegaxy, which is short for Pegasus Galaxy, is a blockchain-enabled NFT game based on the mythological creature, the Pegasus. Players can own, raise and breed NFTs called Pega which they can then race against other players in PVP to earn rewards called Vigorus or VIS, the native token of the game.

In his announcement at the official Pegaxy Youtube Channel, Wilton says that stat and breeding changes have already been released. He also hinted that their announcements even have hints and easter eggs if you look closely and there is a purpose and meaning behind all their communications. 

Wilton goes on to explain the updates and mechanics of the Pegaxy Breeding and Burning event which runs from April 3 to April 10. During this event, players can breed their Pegas as many times as they want as the cooldown will be set to zero during this time. This means you can breed Pegas right after they have been bred without waiting. Children bred during this time will only take 48 hours to mature before they can start breeding and they too will have a zero-cooldown mechanic during this event.

Live and Let Burn


In addition to the breeding event Pegaxy will also be introducing Pega Tiers as part of the new burning mechanic. This is in line with plans to allow different classes and tiers for racing to receive different rewards. The team has been working on gathering data on minting and burning rates and their effect the in-game economy. Wilton says “their purpose is to achieve a healthy and stable economy while introducing new strategies and possibilities to the game.”

Some of the new features include being able to burn two Pegas of the same rarity, producing a new one a tier above it. So for example two rares can burn to produce and epic and two epics to produce a legendary Pega. Each Pega produced will not inherit the burned Pega’s stats but will inherit brand new stats. Each time you burn Pegas through this mechanic, will cost VIS. Burning higher rarity Pegas will be the more expensive than lower rarity ones. Breed count also goes up with each successive rarity.

This in turn will allow for a more dynamic and fair system when it comes to racing thanks to different race lobbies for the different rarities of Pega. This means those with more rare Pegas won’t have an advantage over other less rare ones. Also, the higher the rarities of the Pega you race will yield higher rewards. This encourages players to gun for more rare Pegas in breeding and burning.


Off to the Races


As per Wilton, “this is to ensure the healthy growth of the economy and to provide enough motivation for [players] to do it.” However, he did say that there may be changes in the future with this system “to ensure a healthy and stable economy.”

In his parting words, Wilton advises the community members to really think of these new updates and mechanics to strategize. He also advises the community to take advantage of the Breeding event.

The Pegaxy Breeding event is currently running from April 3 until April 10 of this year. The event had launched with several bugs prompting an sudden system maintenance but they have since solved the issues.

Pegaxy has been consistently rolling out huge game changing updates as of late. Just last month it changed its racing drastically, tweaked its rental system, and announced new burn mechanics