Zynga publishers of FarmVille enter blockchain gaming

Zynga will launch NFT game projects in 2022

FarmVille developer has formed a blockchain gaming division, and may even port its own IPs over.

Zynga, the game development and publishing company best-known for the social game FarmVille, has just revealed that they are planning to launch NFT projects in 2022.

This move is part of their ongoing and very aggressive plans for blockchain technology, which started back last year when they formed a new Blockchain Gaming division. 

Zynga has also revealed that they will be increasing the manpower of their new blockchain gaming division to at least 100 employees within the year.

As for their planned lineup of games, Zynga’s Vice President of Blockchain Gaming, Matt Wolf, states that they are leaning more towards creation of new IPs rather than porting their hit titles.

However, they are not completely ruling out NFT game experiences inspired by their own IPs so a possible Play-to-Earn version of their iconic game, FarmVille, might not be too far off.

For their initial NFT game though, Zynga is looking into an experience similar to Mafia Wars, a largely text-based social game where players take on the role of ‘gangsters’. Mafia Wars was Zynga’s freemium social network game and skyrocketed in popularity as an early game on Facebook.

Its gameplay focuses on expanding your digital crime family by taking on missions, earning loot and spending it on items and upgrades. The game also has a social aspect which lets you help out friends in doing co-op quests, and has its own stamina mechanic — a feature that is already present in many NFT game titles.

Zynga was founded in 2004, and initially focused on mobile game development before venturing into social web games. Their greatest hit FarmVille, was highly popular amongst Facebook users and was once the biggest game on the platform when it still included social apps.

After the success of FarmVille, Zynga continued developing new mobile apps and social games, expanding their lineup to almost a hundred titles.


(Image: Zynga)