UGD Feature – Crabada

Can you feel it now Mr. Crabada?

Play and earn…as crabs? A new play-and-earn game is here and it combines familiar mechanics with idle gameplay for a more passive and rewarding gameplay experience.

Game Overview

Crabada is an idle play-to-earn game built on the Avalanche Blockchain. The game shows similar elements to the turn-based blockchain game title Axie Infinity. These mechanics reflect on the  battle setup, and other available modes. As an idle game, players don’t need to directly control their characters, or NFT Crabadas, as the battles resolve on their own. The game has both PVE and PVP game modes with various rewards available for players.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Crabada, players use a team of 3 Crabada each with their own different stats and attributes to participate in PVE and PVP battles. Players don’t need to directly control their Crabada during a session, rather Crabadas automatically take turns in attacking. A team of Crabada includes a frontline and 2 backliners similar to games like Axie Infinity. The frontline Crabada serves as the “tank” and will always be targeted first. Aside from regular attacks, teams also have access to special abilities called Pincer Skills. These abilities can trigger during a match and provide various benefits and effects to help them win a match. Each Pincer Skill bar is displayed during a game session, starting at 50% bar value. The Pincer skill bar will slowly get filled up by attacking or getting hit from attacks. Once the Pincer skill bar is full, the Pincer skill will then trigger and the bar value is reset to 0. Various buffs and debuffs called Eye effects are also part of the game, these effects can trigger during a normal attack.

A Crabada battle in progress.jpg
A Crabada battle in progress.jpg

The PVE and PVP matches also have their own subcategories, rules and rewards. PVE or Adventure mode is playable for an unlimited number of times. This mode rewards EXP, and Crystal Shells which are used to level up your Crabadas. The PVE mode also unlocks special mining zones which players can access on the PVP modes.

Speaking of PVP, the PVP mode is divided into 2 subcategories, Mining and Looting. Battle Mining is when players deploy a team of Crabada to perform resource gathering on various mining locations. Battle Looting on the other hand is when players  deploy a team of Crabada to try and engage a mining location that is already occupied by another player. 

PVP modes require the use of energy as well as a Food system. For energy, each Crabada has 24 energy which resets daily. Mining requires 4 energy, while looting requires the use of 1 energy per Crabada. Aside from energy Mining and Looting also requires 2 Hunger points. Each Crabada has a total of 100 Hunger and can be refilled or even exceeded through the Food system. Food can be crafted from Materials earned through Mining and Looting and is used to also optimize Crabada stats.

NFT Assets – The Crabada

To play the game, players will be using NFT characters called Crabada. Crabadas are classified into different factions and classes.These classes also have their various advantages and disadvantages against each other. Crabadas will have a 15% damage boost against Crabadas of a faction that it has an advantage over.

Crabada Fractional Advantage Chart
Crabada Fractional Advantage Chart showing the advantages and disadvantages of various Crabada classes

As they are NFTs, Crabada can be traded and also swapped in the marketplace between players. Swapping has a fixed fee amount and will also carry over Crabada levels and the current energy value at the time of the swap.

New Crabada can also be obtained via a breeding mechanic. In order to start breeding, Players are required to have two Crabada that are eligible for breeding, and a sufficient amount of Breeding Material to cover the Breeding Cost. Each Crabada can be bred up to five times. After that, it is no longer eligible for breeding. Crabada will not be able to breed with their parents or siblings Breeding will also require the use of the game’s in-game token. Aside from Breeding, players can also level up their NFT Crabadas to become more powerful. Leveling up requires an in-game token, plus the resource Crystal Shell. Players  can also reset Crabada levels if they choose to. One possible scenario is when players opt to trade or swap their Crabada. If a player chooses to reset their Crabad levels back to 1, they will be refunded with 95% the total amount of Crystal Shells used to level up their Crabada.


Speaking of tokens, there are 3 available tokens that can be earned while playing Crabada. First is the Crabada Token Crabada or CRA, the governance token which is rewarded via playing the Battle Game in the form of Battle Mining and Looting. TUS or Treasure Under Sea another in-game currency earned via playing the game and used for breeding and leveling up. And lastly, the Crabada Amulet or CRAM which players can get through staking and is used for other in-game perks and exclusive rewards. Both CRA and TUS can be traded on the exchange platform Trader Joe, and can only be exchanged with AVAX or the Avalanche token. 

As it is the governance token, CRA is of finite amount with a total of 1 Billion. 30% or 300,000,000 of this total is allocated for play and earn rewards. The full amount of CRA will be unlocked and distributed by February 24, and is on a vesting period of up to 2 years and 6 months with various unlock dates.

The Team

The Crabada development team highlights members Oxtender, Jay, Fuji and NH. Oxtender is responsible for business operations, has worked in product management roles across digital exchange and cloud backup products. Jay is responsible for product design, latest stint was at Binance as a product designer Fuji is on blockchain engineering. He has been working in the blockchain space since 2016 with duties like smart contract implementation and Ethereum customization. NH is leading the backend development. His 10+ years of experience include several crypto projects at Infinity Blockchain Labs. Note that the Crabada team is not fully doxxed yet, and all of the featured ones are only known through their aliases.


Crabada is backed by the following brands 

  • Avalanche
  • Avalaunch
  • Sky Vision Capital
  • Wangarian
  • Not3Lau Capital
  • Zee Prime Capital
  • Devmons


Crabada is now ready to play for major blockchain platforms – Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Development is still ongoing and within this year, the team aims to launch a game item marketplace and new equipment, medals and skill books. Over the next quarter, the team aims to add PVP tournaments, additional PVE content, and social elements into the game.