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It's an action-packed shooting game right in your browser!

More free-to-play and play-to-earn goodness comes to blockchain gamers with The first-person shooter takes inspiration from games like Destiny and Halo. It gives off a triple-A feel that’s easy to enjoy and runs directly on the browser.

Game Overview is a quick load and play blockchain game made by Addicting Games Inc. requires no downloads as a browser game, and you can play it directly on Google Chrome, Firefox, or any browser of your choice. The game emphasizes mobility and gunplay with abilities like teleportation and triple jump. There are utility abilities like impulse, smoke, flash, and sticky grenades for that tactical feel. runs on the Solana Blockchain, mainly known for its more affordable and faster transactions than Ethereum. can be played free, but if players want to go the play and earn route, creating an account and using NFTs is required.

Game Modes and Gameplay

Currently, the primary game mode for is the 8-man team deathmatch. Players are divided into groups of 4 and spawn randomly on the map. Another game mode is accessible for all deathmatches where players face each other. The objective for both game modes is to take down as many players within the time limit to win the match. Maps are randomized, and players can quickly enter another game after each session. Each player also has their load out of weapons, which they can change in-game. Weapon choices include a hand cannon, laser rifle, burst rifle, and automatic rifle. A melee weapon is also available if players want to go that route. For their utility, players can use a variety of grenades and traps that include trip mines and mines. Players can adjust their loadout in-game to fit their playstyle. In addition to the weapons in the loadout, special weapons can be picked up on the game map, adding more firepower.


NFTs in allow players to earn rewards while playing the game. The list of NFT assets includes character skins and weapon skins. These NFTs are categorized based on their rarity, which consists of the following tiers:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary NFTs also has a power level aside from their rarity. Power levels range from 0 to 100, and changes to the look of the NFT are visible once you hit higher levels. In contrast to many games, NFTs in don’t affect any in-game stats but rather give boosts to potential in-game rewards. The higher the NFT rarity, the more rewards players can earn each game. Currently, a supply of 1,463 Weapon NFTs and 2,404 Character NFTs is available. You can acquire NFTs can be purchased through the following marketplaces – FRACTAL, Magic Eden, and OpenSea.

Tokenomics’s in-game tokens are called “E .” E is s the off-chain virtual currency used as a medium of exchange to prevent network fees and congestion. A Score system can acquire e. The number of kills you get in a game session will determine your final score, with the calculation being a 100 score per kill. You can also receive bonuses or multipliers for completing in-game milestones such as headshots, sword or melee kills, and grenade kills. Winning a match also boosts your score, which means more e earnings. The value and amount of e earned in follow a unique mechanic.

In contrast to other blockchain games, there is no definite amount of E. The number of sponsors and partners of the game will determine the supply. These sponsors put up digital billboards and ads in-game. The more sponsors that partner with, the bigger the overall prize pot is and the more chances of earning while playing.’

The Team

Addicting Games Inc is the brand behind The development and publishing studio is home to many classic and original IO games and online gaming portals. Addicting Games, led by Bill Karamouzis, CEO, also co-founded the Hall pass Media game network (acquired by JamCity). 

Key Investors and Partners

Some of the partners of the game are Esports and content creator brands Luminosity Gaming and Enthusiast Gaming. Luminosity Gaming is a well-established brand in esports and houses teams that play professional Call of Duty, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and others. is also a partner of the NFT collection Hut 8.

Other Programs

A clan rewards program is in the works for The goal is for clans to function as DAOs and have their play to earn reward systems that center more around group activities. These activities can include clan wars and tournaments. If you are part of a DAO, you will be able to earn not just for yourself but also for your DAO.

Roadmap is implementing the play-and-earn experience for players to start farming ‘e .’ Next on the roadmap is a mechanic that will allow players to convert ‘e’ into Solana token or SOL for trading in crypto exchanges. The team is currently looking at a 5 USD per 10,000e earned in terms of conversion. However, once the conversion mechanic is in place, this exchange rate would change depending on the Solana token’s actual value. Mini-games and social areas are also in the works, and the team is targeting to launch them in the coming months. A Hall of Champions feature is also in the works. The Hall of Champions will be a weekly activity that will allow players access to a VIP area with NFT loot.


Other key milestones that are coming soon include:


  • Scholarships (In progress) – Players will soon be able to lend their NFTs to other players. Terms regarding the share of earnings will soon be available as well.
  • Developer API – Expanding the metaverse by allowing developers to build applications on top of the game.
  • Map Making tools – A complete documentation, tools, and instructions for community members to help create maps for A function that will put these maps into the public game rotation and have players earn from it is also in the works.
  • Leveling will allow players to level up their NFTs and increase reward earnings.
  • Sword & Pick-up weapon mint – Expansion of the current weapon NFT collection to include melee weapons and skins for pick-up weapons.
  • Creator Codes – Players can choose which content creator they can support. This program will reward content creators who consistently stream or create content for the game. 
  • Land Sale