UGD Feature – Gods Unchained

Card game enthusiasts, this one's for you

Wield the power of the gods and play-and-earn. Gods Unchained brings the blockchain twist to trading card games.

Game Overview

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play, play-and-earn digital trading card game with NFTs. The game uses fantasy elements common in many fantasy role-playing games and designs inspired mainly by the trading card games Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain with NFT assets and farmable tokens. The game also utilizes Immutable X, an NFT-based platform that offers zero gas fees for minting its NFT assets. While it’s free to play, Gods Unchained uses the Games as a Service model through seasonal releases, expansion NFTs, and other content to drive revenue.

Gameplay Mechanics

As a trading card game, Gods Unchained is mainly a PVP title. Each player uses a deck of 30 cards. These cards include

  • Creatures
  • Weapons or Relics
  • Spells
  • Gods

Weapons and relics provide additional attack and defense values to other cards. Spells, on the other hand, give buffs and status effects that players can use for their creatures or enemies. The gods or god system is for player alignment. These cards help determine the playstyle for each player. The Gods are divided into six categories, each with unique abilities, namely:

  • Light 
  • Death
  • War 
  • Nature 
  • Magic
  • Deception
Gods Unchained cards, Photogenesis and Spellwrought Angel
Photogenesis and Spellwrought Angel, two of the main special effect cards in Gods Unchained

To use the cards, players follow an energy or Mana system. Each card has its own Mana Cost, and players must pay the intended mana cost to use or summon cards. The amount of mana players can use increases per round, but there are special rules:

  • Players earn 1 additional mana per turn
  • After turn 5, mana will increase by 1 after 2 turns.
  • After reaching 7 mana, mana will increase by 1 after 3 turns
  • After reaching 8 mana, mana will increase by 1 after 4 turns

Players can also use a “Bag of Tricks” ability for mana management. Using Bag of Tricks will allow players to have additional mana; however, players can only use the mana for a limited time per game.

The cards being used during turns could not yet attack during that said turn. These cards go to sleep first and can only attack or use their abilities for the next turn. Some cards, though, can attack right away after summoning.

Gods Unchained game in progress
Gods Unchained game in progress

In Gods Unchained, Each card has 4 primary stats. These stats include Mana, Health, Attack, and extra or special effects. When attacking, the opposing cards will reduce their health based on the attacking card’s damage. The attacking card will also have its health reduced based on the damage points of the card it’s attacking. Once the value of their health reaches zero, the cards get destroyed. Destroyed cards, then head to the “void” or the graveyard.

As a match progresses, players also earn a resource called Favor. Players can use Favor to use additional abilities and will reset per game. Winning in Gods Unchained is achieved by forcing a surrender or bringing your enemy’s health down to zero.

NFT Assets

NFTs in Gods Unchained include the playable cards available through expansions/expansion sets. Players first get a free starter deck which they can then expand or rebuild using NFT cards. These cards are categorized by rarity that includes:

  • Common
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Rare
  • Mythic

Players can purchase Gods Unchained cards collection through loot boxes available on their website or through the Immutable X marketplace. Currently, there are 3 expansions available for Gods Unchained: Mortal Judgement, Trial of Gods, and Divine Order. Players can purchase cards for as low as USD 2.50. Each pack contains five cards with various rarities.

Gods Unchained Divine Order Card Pack containing Mythic and Promotional Cards
Card packs in Gods Unchained have a chance to drop a Mythic card like Temnys of Thebia, Chronicler


Players earn rewards in Gods Unchained with the GODS token. GODS is the core currency within Gods Unchained that players can use for

  • Crafting new NFT Cards
  • Make in-game purchases
  • Governance
  • Staking and Staking Rewards

Players can earn GODS through participation in the daily ranked activity. The token aims to reward players who try to learn and master the game. GODS will have a fixed supply of 500,000,000, with an entire unlock period of 6 years. 34% or 170,000,000 for Play To Earn rewards, with the rest going to the team, investors and partners, token sales, the community, and reserve funds.

The Team

The key team members for Gods Unchained include members once part of well-known IPs. Chris Clay, the game director, is also the former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena. Lead Art Director Matt Aldrich has extensive experience in his field and once was part of Electronic Arts, Lucasfilm, and Wargaming companies. Derek Proud, the producer, is another game industry veteran that worked on many licensed titles such as Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Partners and Investors

Known brands and investors back Gods Unchained in the blockchain space. Their list of former and current partners includes:

  • Apex Capital Partners
  • Coinbase
  • Continue Capital
  • Galaxy Digital
  • Naspers
  • Nirvana Capital
  • OKEx Blockdream Ventures


Gods Unchained is now live and free to play to desktop users. Currently, the team is working on a new and future expansion. A secondary market with additional fees is also being worked on, meaning users can soon purchase NFT cards other than the Immutable X marketplace. Additional play-to-earn campaigns, mobile versions, and localization are also coming in the future, together with a global tournament.