UGD Feature – Kitty Inu

Play-to-earn but with cats!

Get socializing while playing and earning. Kitty Inu’s metaverse, 9VERSE hopes to bring different experiences starting with the blockchain game, Kitty Kart.


A social game and a thematic metaverse. Kitty Inu is an experience made up of different virtual spaces designed for users to play, experience, explore, and monetize content using on the Ethereum Blockchain. All experiences take place in the 9VERSE, Kitty Inu’s own metaverse. Aside from games and the project also aims to bring social and multimedia experiences including music, video and art. Each virtual world within the 9VERSE ecosystem can have their own economy, with the game’s main token facilitating transactions. The first of the 9VERSE’s many experience is Kitty Kart, a battle racer similar to Mario Kart and Crash Bandicoot Racing. 

Kitty Kart Gameplay Mechanics

Kitty Kart is Kitty Inu’s single and multiplayer ‘racing and FPS’ game. The game is also described as a battleracing game with mechanics highly similar to games like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing. In the game, players can select from a roster of different racers, each with their own unique stats. Players will also be able to build karts using in-game assets which are most likely to be NFTs. To win, Kitty Kart racers compete to be the first to the finish line. During the race players can also shoot enemy racers and pick-up and activate power-ups.

Kitty Kart includes 3 game modes, Single player, Community Multiplayer and Multiplayer skill-match.

  • Single Player: A non-earning mode where an individual user can race against characters powered by artificial intelligence. 
  • Multiplayer Community Mode: A non-earning mode where users can join in private lobbies to race against each other.
  • Multiplayer Skill-Match Mode: The only earning mode where users are matched with others based solely on their skill level.

Players can use free avatars available for the game or they can mint their own NFT avatars. These avatars are based on NFT collections by Kitty Inu and as well as other NFT collections by 9VERSE partners. Just like the avatars, players can also either use free karts or mint their own.


Karts and Avatars are what make up Kitty Inu’s NFTs. Aside from being used in-game Kitty Inu avatars have utility that is applicable on different experiences in the 9VERSE. NFT avatars are also upgradeable to become more interactive, with personality traits, and preferences. The same upgrade mechanic is also present in NFT karts, and upgrades include stats boosters, cosmetics and other visual effects. As of this time, there is a total of 10,000 Kitty Inu avatars available for Kitty Inu.


The main token for the Kitty Inu metaverse is the Kitty Inu token (KITTY). As it is running on ethereum, KITTY follows ERC-20 protocol and provides in-metaverse utility. KITTY’s use is to facilitate transactions between individuals within the metaverse platforms. The token is of finite supply with only 1 Trillion available.  In contrast to many blockchain projects, KITTY’s allocation does not include the team but rather divided into:

  • 46% Public Sale
  • 28% Liquidity
  • 26% Burn

There are also no private sales of the token, nor does it include any governance function.

The Team

A team of what seems to be young blockchain enthusiasts is what is possibly behind the Kitty Inu project. Unfortunately, aside from twitter accounts there are no other links available to their profiles. Despite the team not yet doxxed though, the advisory board is made up of well-known names, both from finance and crypto field. These advisors include:

  • David Gokhshtein – founder of Gokhshtein media, former contributor to the Forbes Finance Council
  • Edward Saatchi – co-founder of the Oculus Story Studio
  • Beky Lane – Head of Creative Operations at The Culture DAO


As for terms of partners, the following brands are partners with the Kitty Inu project

  • The Culture DAO
  • Squire Patton Boggs
  • Gokhshtein Media
  • Megaweapon
  • InterFi Network
  • Luna Public Relations


The demo version of Kitty Inu’s Kitty Kart experience is now available for free to Windows PC users and Mac OS users. The game already includes single player, community match and random match modes. In September, the team will be integrating the NFT marketplace into the game as well as the play-and-earn mechanics. Much earlier than that though and later this mnth, 9VERSE avatars will be launching, which will allow use of Kitty Inu NFTs and other NFT collections for Kitty Kart.