UGD Feature – Life Beyond

Explore, build and govern a new planet in Life Beyond. The free-to-play blockchain game mixes survival and exploration in a new take on titles like No Man’s Sky and Minecraft.

Game Overview

Life Beyond is a free-to-play open world blockchain RPG. The game puts huge emphasis on exploration, looting and crafting. Set in a fictional ‘ecopunk’ universe, players will explore the world, gather or mine resources, take on enemy monsters and as well as craft and build. Visually, Life Beyond feels inspired by Fortnite through its graphics and physics. Aside from the usual loot-craft-build loop, the game also features eras. This mechanic will define the in-game world’s evolution as well as player involvement. Life Beyond is built on the Polygon blockchain  network.

Gameplay Mechanics

Life Beyond’s gameplay is largely focused on exploration, resource gathering and crafting. Players explore the planet Dolos and gather resources to craft and build various tools and equipment. Aside from this, players will also be facing various obstacles and challenges like monsters. Players can team up  for expeditions to obtain resources and artifacts. Exploration also opens various regions in the planet Dolos. Each region has its own narrative arc, similar to a story progression mechanic in other RPGs. 

In-game screenshot of Life Beyond showing one of its many environments
Tundras are one of the many biomes players can explore in Life Beyond

In contrast to many RPGs, player ‘classes’ are determined more by their type of preferred equipment rather than stats. These classes are also called Expertise in-game and are divided into the following:

  • Archaeologist – able to find, excavate and translate writings and symbols of ancient tech.
  • Fighter – greatly enhanced combat ability (there are subsets of Fighter Expertise).
  • Mining Engineer – able to extract and collect underground resources.
  • Gatherer – proficient in collecting surface-based resources.
  • Transporter – enhanced ability to move objects, resources and elements from place to place.
  • Musician – able to produce harmonic vibrations to trigger and use alien technology.
  • Parkourist – able to scale otherwise impossible-to-reach areas and high places.

Equipment can be obtained through crafting and as well as weapons. 

The Era System

The era system is a unique system in Life Beyond that helps determine the phase of the game’s evolution or the evolution of the in-game world. Eras are divided into:

  • Pioneering Era – meant for exploring world regions, conquering a region by eliminating all the alien threat and creating an access point from one region to another completes this era.
  • Settlers Era – all about securing lands and instigating economic activity. It will allow players to ownland, run ventures, have jobs, and build towns or settlements. To continue the PVE element, towns and lands will be attacked by alien NPCs so players have to put up defenses or try to find ways to protect them.
  • Political Era – players will take the role of political leaders. Rules or laws, and as well as tax agreements can be made. Various political setups are said to be possible (Feudalism, Free Society etc.).
Life Beyond Concept Art Depicting the Political Era
The political era, the future of Life Beyond

NFT Assets

Life Beyond has a variety of NFTs that include:

  • Equipment and Weapons
  • Cosmetics (currently available via the Founder’s Pack NFT loot box)
  • Apartment Keys (AAK) – utility NFTs  that grants player early access to the Open Alpha, a player apartment, and missions
  • DEEP Portraits – in game artwork used as decoration for player apartments
  • Pets or companions
  • Lands – used for building and resources. Lands can also be rented and provide additional passive income through a Minimum Token Emission mechanic (similar to staking)


Life Beyond’s Token is currently called the LBToken. LBToken is an ERC-20 utility coin and will be the game’s native in-game currency and will be used for various in-game transactions. LBToken can be obtained via:

  • In-game rewards and missions
  • Trading
  • Minimum Token Emission through Lands
  • Out-of-game rewards and giveaways
  • Special deals and partnerships

For its utility, the LBToken can be used in:

  • In-game purchases
  • Land development
  • Governance
  • Resource and item trading (includes weapons and outfits)
  • Creating blueprints for item crafting

LBToken will have a total supply of  1,088,774,211, although no information regarding vesting, locking or release timeline is currently available.

The Team

Life Beyond is developed by Darewis, a game development studio based in Paris, France.The company members come from other major game development studios like Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, and Gumi. Despite being their first project, Life Beyond’s roster of talent proves to be very promising. Their highlight members include:

  • Benjamin Charbit, CEO – Previously worked in baking and private equity firms, also worked in Ubisoft as a producer and designer. Ben worked as a Game Director for Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, and was in charge of strategic planning in Ubisoft’s Online Games division
  • Samuel Kahn, CTO – Also a former Ubisoft member, Samuel Kahn helped work on franchises like The Division and Ghost Recon.
  • Marc Albinet, Game Director – Started his game development career at Ubisoft back in 1984 as a graphic artist. Marc also has multiple stints with Ubisoft and held multiple positions such as Game Design Manager (2010) , and Game Director (Assassin’s Creed Unity, 2013). Marc also was part of Bandai Namco as a Production Director back in 2021 before moving to Darewise.
  • Christian Bravery Art Director – has an extensive career  doing concept art with companies like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, ZeniMax Online Studios, Zynga and Guerilla Games through his own company Lead Light Studios.
  • Vincent Marty, Director of Marketing and Product Management –  Also a former Ubisoft member, specifically Ubisoft EMEA. Held positions such as Head of Digital Sales, and managed the Digital Games Group and Online Group divisions. Vincent is also currently the VP for International Development for ESL Gaming and President for Pixel Players.


Darewise and Life Beyond is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, a well known blockchain and web3 brand. The game and its development team is also backed by investors Kima Ventures, Serena, Lakestar and Bertrand Diard. 


Life Beyond is currently on limited access through its Founder’s Pack. Land gameplay is coming later this year via an initial offering program as well as ownership rewards. Content for the Settlers era will also be rolling out in Q4 of 2022 together with the 1st season of Open Alpha. A closed beta phase together with a public land offering is also in the works. Other major updates that players can expect includes Politics and Governance although there is no date set for it just yet.