UGD Game Feature – Big Time

It's time to go big!

A new massive multiplayer online RPG joins the blockchain trend in the form of Big Time. The promising PC MMORPG mixes high sci-fi elements, familiar gameplay trends, and a dash of history to create a unique gaming experience.

Game Overview

Big Time is an upcoming blockchain PC MMORPG where players team up to do adventures across time and space. The game features a “Timeline” mechanic or system which allows players to level up the same character in multiple class paths and switch to the desired class on the fly. That means a player can switch from one class to another without losing level progression. Big Time also includes a social aspect through a Time Machine feature that players can decorate and invite other players to visit. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain. However, it also implements a proprietary Vault technology to help circumvent the high costs of Ethereum-based transactions. Still, in its Alpha phase, players must purchase or own an access pass to play. There is no news yet, though, if the game will have a free-to-play option on launch.

Gameplay Mechanics

Big Time’s core gameplay centers on the action RPG approach to games. Players can use a variety of character classes, each with their unique abilities and as well as weapons to fit their playstyle. These classes include:

  • Chronomancer – Blends science and magic to employ many spells to combat enemy forces. Uses ranged and pyro or fire-based attacks.
  • Shadowblade – Nimble and stealthy rogues of Big Time that are a part ninja and part hackers. Expertise in sabotage and infiltration to take out enemy defenses, making them a huge asset in a party.
  • Time Warrior – Well-rounded class built for the frontlines of battle, soaking up damage while also taking enemies head-on.
  • Quantum Fixer – The support class in the character lineup of Big Time, using technology and clever engineering to create gadgets and tools that they can use on the battlefield.

Each class has its skill tree that players can use to customize their gameplay experience further. Players can also use a pocketwatch item to change from one class to another without losing progression. You can loot pocketwatch items from enemies encountered in the universe of Big Time. 

Interestingly enough, NPCs inspired by historical figures led Big Time’s classes, namely

  • Way of the Time Warrior (Barbarian) – Taught by the legendary Genghis Khan.
  • Way of the Chronomancer (Mage) – Taught by the fabled Merlin the magician. 
  • Way of the Shadowblade (Ninja) – Taught by the spymaster Mochi Chiyome 
  • Way of the Quantum Fixer (Medic) – Taught by Ben Franklin.

Big Time’s gameplay revolves around player versus enemy (PVE) and the co-op experience. Players will party up to take on quests, raid bosses, and clear dungeons. The dungeons are also procedurally generated, meaning that no dungeon instance is the same for each player.


NFT and Tokenomics

In Big Time, NFTs include the SPACE NFT, armor and weapon pieces, and loot boxes.

  • SPACE NFT – Big Time’s version of virtual land and will be used to expand the area of your Time Machine, your room in the game. The bigger your Time Machine is, the more items and collectibles you will be able to place in it. SPACE NFTs come in varying rarity and sizes, which determine their value. 
  • Armor and Weapons – Mainly cosmetic NFTs, they provide additional flare to the look of player armor and weapons. Still, they do not give any additional stat bonuses or buffs.
  • Lootboxes – Contain placeholder items that can be swapped for upcoming player-operated NFT buildings placed on the SPACE NFT. These items include:
    • Forge
    • Armory
    • Time Warden – Produces a resource called “hourglass,” which is used to unlock token loot.

The Big Time development team also plans to deploy their in-game token. The function of the token is still not announced as of now. However, we do know that to farm Big Time’s token, and players must own a SPACE NFT and the hourglass item.

The Team

Big Time’s development team includes well-experienced members in the blockchain and gaming space. The CEO, Ali Meilich, and co-founder Thor Alexander were once part of Decentraland, a real-estate-based blockchain project. Matthew Tonks, their CTO, Senior AI Programmer for Epic Games, and a Software Engineer for Electronic Arts. The Lead Engineer Martin Sweitzer also worked at Epic Games as the Senior Gameplay Programmer and co-founded the indie game company Bitmonster. Ken Harsha, Senior Creative Director, was once part of Treyarch and involved in Call of Duty projects, namely, Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, and Black Ops 4. This amount of experience hopes to translate into a unique experience for blockchain games, possibly nearing AAA levels of gameplay.


Big Time is currently on Early Access with four playable character classes and the core or base gameplay features. These features include skill trees, boss fights, and procedurally generated dungeons. Soon, Big Time aims to launch an expansion of player time machines and time machine features. These features include the time warden, forge, armory, and even decorative loot drops. Story missions are also coming to Big Time, helping uncover the mysteries of its universe.

Complete Road map of Big Time