UGD Game Feature – Galaxy Fight Club

It's your NFT versus my NFT!

More gamification of your NFT collections is coming soon as Galaxy Fight Club brings a new twist of arena action in their collaborative metaverse.  Galaxy Fight Club will feature different characters, massive multiplayer gameplay, and of course, play and earn rewards, as they aim to become the “Nintendo of web3”.

Game Overview

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP PvP game for the NFT Universe allowing holders of different NFT collections to battle with each other to win and earn rewards. Designed to be an arena-brawler, players battle each other using unique characters equipped with weapons and boosted by power-ups. The gameplay style shares the same elements with games like Battlerite, Gang Beasts, Brawl Stars, and the popular Fight of Characters mod map for WarCraft 3 – The Frozen Throne.

Going for a more collaborative approach, the game will feature not just its own native characters but will also include characters based on pre-existing NFT collections. The Galaxy Fight Club team plans to achieve this through partnerships and collaborations, further allowing more utility to these NFTs.

Game Modes

Galaxy Fight Club employs a 3D hyper-casual approach to its PVP or player versus player battles. During each game, players will be facing each other in an arena and can play using melee or ranged attacks based on their preference. The arena will also have various items, power-ups, and boosts and as well as obstacles that players can use to their advantage. When it comes to game modes, Galaxy Fight Club currently has 4, namely 3v3, the Tournament Mode, 1v1, and Battle Royale

  • 3v3 – The 3v3 mode allows players to either enter as a pre-made team or get matched with others to play.
  • 1v1 – A classic deathmatch, players will enter the battle arena and accumulate points by taking each other out. The first player to earn 10 points or 10 kills will then win the matchup.
  • Battle Royale – The Battle Royale mode is a 10-player free for all where the last man standing wins. Just like the Battle Royale matches from other well-known games, the arena will also include a deadly border that will shrink over time.
  • Tournament Mode – A modified version of the 3v3 mode, this game mode only allows pre-made teams to join and participate. The goal of this mode is to accumulate or earn 20 points through kills to win a match. Designed for esports, the tournament mode also comes with rounds leading up to a finals match, and winning players will be rewarded with in-game currency.


NFTs in Galaxy Fight Club include the characters that players will use in matches as well as weapons. For the characters, Galaxy Fight Club will be producing their own genesis set of characters and at the same time characters following or based on other NFT collections. This means that owners of these NFTs can then use those NFTs to unlock their characters and use them in the game. 

The other NFT assets available are the weapons that the characters will be using. These weapons are of different rarity that will also determine their value and will come from loot boxes and airdrops. Galaxy Fight Club is also working on a seasonal weapon set that players can get through loot boxes.


Galaxy Fight Club currently has one token called the GCOIN. The GCOIN runs on the Polygon blockchain network and will have various in-game utilities such as weapon upgrades, re-rolls, unlocking of loot boxes, and upgrading characters. Additional utilities like purchasing or acquiring exclusive skins and other accessories are coming to the game as well. Players earn GCOIN through a daily-yield system using Galaxy Fight Club’s NFT characters and as rewards from the tournament mode, together with Ethereum (ETH). 

Being the only coin for Galaxy Fight Club GCOIN is of finite value with a 150 million supply limit that will fully unlock after a period of 3 years.

The Team

Galaxy Fight Club is able to provide a quick description of its key team members. Dan Le, the CGO or Chief Gaming Officer is working in the gaming industry since 2016 and was previously with VNG Games. Their Marketing and Partnership personnel, Ado, has a background in strategy and consultation across different industries and financial services. Dave, the Lead Blockchain Developer has been working on blockchain technology for the past 2 years. Yassin, the Chief Marketing Officer has his own marketing agency. The Lead Artist Don is an award-winning digital artist with a degree in fine arts. Take note that while the information is available on the project’s whitepaper, Galaxy Fight Club’s team members are not yet fully doxxed.

Investors and Partners

The Galaxy Fight Club project is backed by major names in the web3 space with investors that include Animoca Brands, Sequoia, and The Chermin Group. As collaborations with other NFT brands is part of the core experience, Galaxy Fight Club has also partnered with known NFT collections such as Bulls on the Block, Animas, BYOPILLS, and CyberKongz. Other blockchain games are also listed to be collaborating with Galaxy Fight Club and that includes Crypto Raiders and Illuvium. The game is also teaming up with guilds for their upcoming Guild and Scholarship programs. Their current partners include YGG SEA, Avocado DAO, Period, and PATH DAO.

Roadmap and dates to look out for

Galaxy Fight Club aims to complete major milestones this 2022. For this quarter, the team aims to push for mass marketing of the game. They also plan to introduce land gameplay and staking for additional play and earn opportunities. By quarter 3, Galaxy Fight Club will launch an armor system for its NFT equipment and a spectator wagering system. The game will expand the universe to include more NFT collections and possibly, more blockchain game collaborations.

Galaxy Fight Club Roadmap