UGD Game Feature – Mini Royale: Nations

Learn all that it is to know about this new blockchain shooter!

It’s free, it’s competitive and most importantly, it’s play and earn. Mini Royale: Nations is the latest to join the blockchain gaming arena, featuring easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, and a very familiar gameplay loop.

Game Overview

Mini Royale: Nations is described as a “community-owned skill-based shooter” running directly on your browser. Other than being a first-person shooter, Mini Royale: Nations core gameplay is also set on top of a land control-oriented, social strategy game with an emphasis on social mechanics such as clans and alliances. Aside from incentivizing winners, Mini Royale: Nations also rewards players depending on social behavior, truly making it the experience focused on the community. The game runs on the Solana Network known for its fast and low-cost transactions by employing proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanisms. This also means that transactions for Mini Royale: Nations will also use Solana Networks’ native coin, the Solana Token or SOL.

Game Modes

Mini Royale: Nations feature various game modes for both coop or PVE (player versus enemy) and competitive or PVP (player versus economy). PVE game modes include: 

  • Boss raids – Players will progress through multiple layers of defense, and defeat a final boss. Various special items will also be available for use.
  • Missions – Players will take on AI bot opponents and complete objectives in programmatically generated open-world missions
  • Defense – Survive an onslaught of attacks from incoming waves of enemies
  • Sniper or Hunt mode – Time-based game mode where players must eliminate a certain number of AI opponents within a time limit
  • Heist – Players can participate in a variety of heists that require a varying degree of skill, tactics, and stealth
  • World events – Limited-time events that utilize the other PVE game modes but with a race mechanic wherein teams who are able to complete the objectives or challenges first will get to win rewards.

From the name itself, winning in PVE requires a lot of teamwork, proper coordination, and individual skill to complete challenges and win rewards.

As for PVP game modes, they are divided into Survival or Last Player Standing and Arena Modes. Last Player standing PVP modes include:

  • Battle Royale – The classic 1 versus everyone, players will parachute into the gaming arena, loot weapons, and fight to become the last man standing. This game mode is further divided into 2 sub-modes, Classic and Blitz. 
  • Loot & Extract
  • High-Stakes Duel

Arena PVP Modes follow a time or score limit rule and include:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free for All Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • Search and Destroy


As a blockchain game, Mini Royale: Nations utilize NFTs or non-fungible tokens for some of its in-game assets. There are a number of types of NFTs in Mini Royale: Nations and that includes:

  • Weapons or Weapon skins – These can be tradeable between players, however overall weapon parameters and levels will be tied to player accounts. 
  • Outfits – Outfits are…well, outfits. Used to show off player swag and customize in-game avatars. These items also provide various beneficial buffs to players and their stats although these benefits are subject to RNG.
  • Land – Land gameplay revolves around mining resources, the creation of buildings as part of the game’s social gameplay elements, and providing various bonuses.
  • Buildings – Built on lands, buildings provide economic output as well as decorative purposes. Just like weapons, decorative buildings also function as ‘skins’  that will be on top of utility or economic buildings.
  • Tools & Equipment – These items are used by players for land gameplay interactions such as mining and exploration 
  • Other cosmetics – Coming to the game in the future, these additional cosmetics will include skins for other players or gameplay accessories.

The NFTs for Mini Royale: Nations will have their values determined not just by their rarity but also by other parameters. These parameters can include various buffs and benefits that players might unlock when receiving these items via loot boxes or rewards. 

NFT Collections

There are currently 3 different NFT collections available for Mini Royale: Nations each with its own theme and tiering. The first NFT drop was available via loot, while the other 2 collections are available on the Mini Royale: Nations marketplace.

  • Season 1 (Loot)
    • Total Supply – 29,100
    • Unique Holders – 9,028
    • Floor Price – 0.05 SOL
    • Total Volume – 2,122 SOL
  • Season 1 – Vikings (Premium)
    • Total Supply – 10,000
    • Unique Holders – 3,947
    • Floor Price – 2 SOL
    • Total Volume – 31,030 SOL
  • Season 2 (premium)
    • Total Supply – 5,600
    • Unique Holders – 1,419
    • Floor Price – 1.94 SOL
    • Total Volume – 2,122 SOL

Aside from their bonuses to attributes Season 1 and Season Premium NFT holders also have access to benefits such as

  • Extra Battle Pass Points
  • Higher Rarity Premium Battle Pass Tier
  • Weapon airdrop rewards
  • Character airdrop rewards
  • Staking
  • Additional NFT reward drops via raffles


In Mini Royale: Nations players can earn and utilize 2 tokens, the CHEDDAR token, and the ROYALE token. 

  • CHEDDAR is the in-game currency with an infinite supply. Its function will be to reward players for different social activities in the game. 
  • ROYALE on the other hand is the game ecosystem’s governance token, and that will allow the community or its holders to vote on various proposals and influence decisions around game features, game economy, content releases, and prize pools. This token is of finite supply and will have a function like staking to earn more rewards.

The Team

The Faraway team is behind the development of Mini Royale: Nations. The team members have a lot of experience and are involved in massive game projects and consumer tech products. Founder and Alex Paley previously held executive positions in tech companies like Scopely, Halo Kitchens, and Glu Mobile together with Co-founder Dennis Zdonov. Only both of these members of the executive team are publicly on the Mini Royale: Nations whitepaper with links available to their corporate profiles.

Key Investors and Partners

The Mini Royale: Nations team was able to raise USD 30 million in funding from various investors and partners in seeding rounds that were participated by crypto exchange, FTX, and known blockchain-focused venture capital companies Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, and Solana Ventures.

Roadmap and dates to look out for

Mini Royale: Nations is live and now available to play via a browser. Development is ongoing but a roadmap is not included in the current version of the whitepaper. The Mini Royale: Nations team states that they will be adding a roadmap in version 2 of the whitepaper although when that would happen still remains a question.

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