Web3 mingles with esports and tech at CONQuest Festival 2022

When worlds collide!

The web3 metaverse intertwines with the world of tech and esports in the recently held CONQuest Festival 2022. The weekend-long event features blockchain and NFT related brands as well as activities both for enthusiasts and newcomers.

CONQUest 2022 took place at the SMX Convention Center, in Pasay City Metro Manila. The event occupied both of the venue’s floors, and is said to have more than 30,000 event goers. CONQuest Festival’s main highlight is the lineup of international and local gaming personalities that did meet & greets, panel talks, and even mingled with the audience. Aside from just gaming, and the esports spectacles on the main-stage, the event floors also had web3 brands. Showcasing different activities and as well as products related to web3 gaming and defi. The event’s sponsor, MetaCrafters, introduced their services to the local audience and even had a keynote discussion on-stage. MetaCrafters is a blockchain game platform that aims to train new developers and creators specialized in the field.

The MetaCrafters booth at CONQuest Festival 202
Blockchain brand MetaCrafters and their booth at CONQuest Festival 2022

In terms of games, an Axie Infinity tournament took place during event day. Community Gaming and Metaesports, both specialized in competitive web3 gaming experiences held various activities as well. For actual games, NFT collectible game Kryptomom had a sign-up activity where new users can win various prizes. A web3-gaming platform, MetaverseGo, is also there to showcase their  offerings in terms of game lineup and services both to existing and new web3 enthusiasts.

But it’s not just web3 games and web3 game-related services that are CONQuest Festival. Aside from MetaCrafters, Coinbase is also present at the event, although they only had a keynote segment but not a booth. Other defi brands such as PDAX and XLD Finance. PDAX is a local cryptocurrency exchange based in the Philippines. The exchange offers major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as well as Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT) and Litecoin (LTC).

Stage Keynote session at CONQuest Festival 2022
Keynotes and segments featuring web3 brands are also present at CONQuest Festival 2022

Of course, with gaming at its core, CONQuest Festival did have gaming experiences present through their esports segments and tech-partners. Well-known tech brands such as ASUS Republic of Gamers, Acer Predator and Logitech hosted different activities and even competitions. Fighting Game fans had a spot on the TEKKEN 7 and Guilty Gear Strive tournament area. MSI and SVGA also teamed up to set-up the StreamZone, an area within the event where creators can play and stream different games.

CONQuest Festival 2022 is organized by AcadArena and it is the event’s first time to be held in Metro Manila. The event was first held in 2017 back in Iloilo up until 2019.