Cryptalk 11

Can you actually earn in free-to-play crypto games?

Content Creators Ropher and Banoobs answer

In this episode of Cryptalk podcast, our host, Rob Luna took the time to speak to with pioneering gaming personalities Banoobs and Ropher on the subject of free to play play-to-earn games. Julius “Banoobs” Mariano is one of the pioneer gaming personalities that helped shape video game streaming and esports in the Philippines. Ropher on the other hand is a budding gaming video creator who produces technical deep dive videos on Web3. Together the trio unpacked their thoughts on whether it is really possible to earn from free-to-play, play-to-earn games.

In the podcast episode, our guests talked about how the games of the old contributed to the ideology of how it is to earn in games. Rob and Banoobs talked about how Ragnarok online and the different ways they have seen players trade and actually become merchants during its heyday. This was despite the concept of “earning” real world currency actually not being allowed.

The panel then jumped to the present day, where play-to-earn has really provided structure to the possibilities of earning as developers now have actual working economies and currencies that allows for this type of exchange that we can only dream of before.

Banoobs, being one of the very first adopter of Web3 and play-to-earn in the country, also recalled how he got into Web3 as well as his experiences on the various games he tried out in the early going. Banoobs also recounted his experiences of which includes the time where he lost big and the times where he actually won big too.

Ropher, a crypto stalwart and content creator also detailed how it actually is joining the movement of play-to-earn. He also emphasized never losing the passion for the game and enjoying it rather than just on focusing on the earning part.

This episode of Cryptalk is what you needed to hear if you are weighing the pros and cons of joining a Play-to-Earn game. You get to learn some really powerful insights from the guys who have already experienced both the highs and lows. One thing struck most in this podcast episode – and that is understanding that in investing, may it be your time, energy or money, the rule of thumb is to always invest what you can afford to lose. 


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