banoobs and akosidogie crypto journey

The Journey of Banoobs & AkosiDogie in the realm of Gaming and NFTs

In this episode of CrypTalk, our Host Jay spoke to Banoobs and AkosiDogie about their surprising plunge into the world of NFT’s

Get to see another side of Banoobs and AkosiDogie as they both share their NFT journeys with us

On our latest episode of CryptTalk, we go a bit deeper into Gaming x P2E as we talk to two major gaming influencers in the country.

We are stoked to have one of the biggest streamers, content creators and influencers in the gaming industry. Known as the top streamer for Mobile Legends and other mobile games, we have Setsuna Ignacio aka Ako si Dogie. He is considered to be one of the top Influencers in gaming. He’s known to be a tech enthusiast, A passionate and hardcore mobile gamer, coach and team head, and one of the biggest streamers on Facebook Gaming.

Joined by Julius “Banoobs” Mariano known as one of the pioneer gaming personalities that helped shape video game streaming and Esports in the Philippines.

Together the duo shared stories about how they were able to join NFT’s, P2E games and the bitcoin scene at a very early stage and what challenges they encountered.

The pair also gives some in-depth insight on what P2E games they are playing right now and are watching out for, with Banoobs earning as much as $10,000 on MIR4 and Ako si Dogie waiting for the release of Chrono Adventures.

The duo also opened up about the different Do’s & Don’ts when considering entering the crypto/block chain space and also emphasized the resounding need for a person to do their own research & to make sure to go into this with the extra funds they have instead of looking at this as the main source of income, because for them, it’s not; it’s a risk with high gains and higher losses. 

Listen to how your favorite streamer / content creator showcases their knowledge and personal experience as they plunged into the new world of P2E.

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