Top 3 Axie Pro Tournament players call each other the best

Game recognize game

It was a heartwarming moment during the latest episode of Cryptalk when the top players in the recently concluded Axie Pro Tournament 2, CH4, Lunatic and Champion Ruwwev, all called each other as the best player in the tournament.

During the whole episode the three players were already giving each other praise but the wholesome moment of mutual respect came when host Jay Perillo, asked the question “For each of you, who do you think was the MVP of the tournament?”

Axie Pro Tournament 2 4th place winner, Lunatic immediately cited Ruwwev as his pick:

“Siyempre, si Ruwwev po. Starting from qualifiers until nagchampion siya deserve [niya]. Sobrang pinaghirapan niya. So for me siya po”

(Translation: “Of course it has to be Ruwwev. Starting from the qualifiers until he became champion he deserved it. So for me its him.”)

Lunatic alludes to Ruwwev’s miraculous run that saw him rise above the 256 participants in the open qualifiers of the APT Season 2, not losing a set in the Top 16 straight to the Championship.

This statement was also echoed by Ruwwev championship opponent CH4

When it came to Ruwwev’s turn, he was overcome with emotion by having two of the very best players of Axie Infinity in the tournament, let alone the world sing his praises:

“Goosebumps” he said emotionally “Si Lunatic, one of my idols ko talaga sa Axie. Tapos sasabihin niya na deserve ko po talaga yung champion? ‘Di ko po maexplain yung nararamdaman ko”

(Translation: Lunatic is really one of my idols in Axie. Then he’d say that I really deserve the championship? I can’t explain what I’m feeling.)

“Kinilig pa ako!” he laughs.

(Translation: I’m getting butterflies in my stomach)

Ruwwev though also returned the favor to his finals opponent CH4 saying:

“I would say Ch4. Galing siya sa lower bracket tapos isa isa niya in-eliminate yung mga big names like Spamandrice, Hezelya and Shroom yung teammate ko po”

(Translation: “I would say Ch4. He came from the lower bracket then one-by-one, he eliminated the big names like Spamandrice, Hezelya and Shroom my teammate”)

Game does recognize game.

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