Unlockd: We want to act as the bank of the metaverse

Bank of the Metaverse? Now that’s a big goal!

Banking and the metaverse don’t always mix but things might change with Unlockd. With its goal to “democratizeNFT liquidity and utility for art, defi, metaverse, real world and gaming”, Unlockd plans to provide services similar to the ones offered by traditional banks but in the blockchain space.

In a recent CrypTalk podcast by United Gamers DAO, Carlos Otermin gives more detail about what Unlockd is about.  Unlockd is a new blockchain platform that wants to allow users to to borrow using their NFTs. This means is that users can soon borrow money equivalent to the value of the NFTs that they have. Additionally, with their cross-chain feature, users will deal with less hassles. These include acquiring different tokens for swaps, and fees for bridge use. All of  which could affect the overall cost of acquiring new blockchain assets. Unlockd users will also still enjoy NFT benefits. NFT benefits such as airdrops, staking and other utility will be available despite the assets being put up for collateral. 

As Carlos Otermin puts it, Unlockd wants to “act as the bank of metaverse”. This is by providing services currently only limited to traditional banking. To help ensure that users get the most value of their NFTs, Carlos Otermin states that the platform will not do “floor pricing” but rather will be based on real trades. 

To help push their goal forward, Unlockd is starting partnerships with budding sectors in the blockchain space including DAOs, esports platforms, and guilds. Just recently, Unlockd has announced their partnership with United Gamers DAO, its first guild partner. The partnership will help further UGD’s vision of promoting a sustainable ecosystem within the play-and-earn space. Unlockd believes that guilds and DAOs like UGD will soon lead the future of the metaverse, and they are here to fully support it. You can check out more about Unlockd on their website.