Axie Infinity's community manage Zyori joins Cryptalk and shares interesting insights on the direction of the hit blockchain game project. Sharing his journey from where he started to the state of the game now, Zyori shows that there is more to expect from Axie Infinity, and Sky Mavis regardless of the state of the market.
Metaverse and blockchain are two concepts that go hand-in-hand in the web3 space. The term has had different impressions and meanings for different people like UnionBank’s Migui Planas. In a recent guesting at CrypTalk, hosted by Myrtle Sarrosa, the UnionBank rep talks about his understanding of the metaverse as well as how he got into web3.
Banking and the metaverse don’t always mix but things might change with Unlockd. With its goal to “democratizeNFT liquidity and utility for art, defi, metaverse, real world and gaming”, Unlockd plans to provide services similar to the ones offered by traditional banks but in the blockchain space.