United Gamers Axie Pro Tournament Feb 22 Bored Punks

United Gamers Axie Pro Tournaments scheduled for February

Axie Infinity gamers go toe-to-toe in a bid to take home massive AXS prizes.

Hot on the heels of the UGG All-Stars Tournament last December, United Gamers Guild (UGG) – the newest and fastest-growing gamer guild in the Philippines – is set to launch another historic tournament.

The UGG Axie Pro Tournament is happening on Feb 3-6 and Feb 10-13, 2022.

This is the newest initiative by United Gamers Guild to support Play-2-Earn games with esports infrastructure and bring the average P2E gamer to the spotlight. The tournament, live on Facebook, will showcase the best and most competitive Axie Infinity players in the Philippines vying for an incredible prize pool of 180 AXS worth almost $10,000.

And to sweeten the pot, the Axie Pro Tournament Grand Champion will also receive the NFT profile photo BPOS #185 courtesy of Bored Punks of Society

Bored Punks of Society is touted as the premier Filipino NFT social club aiming to promote financial education and literacy to the Philippines. The NFT collective is known for their trendy disinterested art style and the proud use of Filipino culture and symbolism in their profile picture creations.

BPOS usually go for around 0.05 ETH ($134.14 USD) and have even reached 3 ETH ($8048.54USD) on Open Sea. This one-of-a-kind prize is definitely something that will give tournament participants something to strive for — surely a fitting prize for the Axie Pro Tournament Grand Champion!

Phillip Sebastian, CEO of United Gamers Guild, explained the goal and vision for the new tournament: “The United Gamers Axie Pro League aims to give the gaming community an opportunity to prove their skills to millions of viewers. It will help Filipinos grow more passionate about playing Axie Infinity, and perhaps encourage them to enjoy the game even more.

We aim to create a true gamer-centric environment for the community and eliminate the farmer-centric mentality. We aim to embrace the true vision of Play to Earn, which is that games are meant to be played not merely farmed. Games should be enjoyable, competitive and fun… and celebrating that philosophy is our aim during the United Gamers Axie Pro Tournament.”

UGG opened up registration for the tournament from January 30 to February 2 and a whopping 11,000+ participants registered for the chance to play. This number would be narrowed down to 64 slots via a raffle.

The 64 participants will then battle it out in the open qualifiers in single elimination matches until only 16 participants from the qualifiers remain.

These 16 qualifier participants will join 16 invited Axie Infinity content creators to form the Top 32 for the Axie Pro Tournament.

The Axie Pro Tournament  will feature 10 invited individual content creators:

  • Jobols
  • Lunatic
  • Aremzy
  • Hezelya
  • Ruthless Redge
  • Pakut TV
  • Overxyze
  • Chippu
  • Meiji
  • Brisom Gaming

There will also be 2 representatives from each of UGG’s partner guilds: 

  • Axie Jam University Guild
    • Dar
    • Cleaventuazon16
  • Whitebeard Axie Guild
    • RayWB
    • Giaaan
  • Madness Guild
    • Laya 
    • Yokams

The Top 32 will then compete against each other on an intense double elimination format to be crowned the UGG Axie Pro Tournament Champion and win the lion’s share of the prize pool of 180 AXS.

Catch all the action with the live broadcast of Top 32 of the Axie Pro Tournament happening on Feb 3-6 which will continue until the Playoffs and Grand Finals on Feb 10-13 on the United Gamers Guild Facebook page.