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It’s another edition of United Gamer’s Guilds ULTIMATE GUILD GUIDES and this time, we’ll talk about some big key mechanics for Axie Infinity – Energy and Card use.

In this guide we’ll talk about how to properly utilize your Energy and Cards when playing in the Battle Arena. Knowing how to properly use your energy and cards makes a huge difference in your Axie Infinity gameplay and could really help determine if you can win or lose a battle.

As always a full video explanation is also available in this guide so be sure to give it a watch!

Energy and Cards Basics


Energy in Axie Infinity helps determine how many cards you can play during a round. Cards on the other hand, give you abilities to help you deal damage or protect your Axies. Each card also has its own energy requirement for them to use, meaning that using cards will consume energy.

Aside from attack and defense there are also special cards that let you manipulate your energy and cards as well.

In each Axie Infinity match, each player will start with 3 Energy and 6 cards.For each consecutive round, players get 2 energy and 3 additional cards to play with. However the energy does not refresh for the next rounds, so if you use all of your energy for one round, you go back to 2 energy for the next round.

Here is an example scenario to better explain this mechanic:
Player A starts the game with 3 Energy and 6 Cards
Player A proceeds to play a total of 2 cards, with each card requiring 1 Energy
Player A consumes 2 energy from leaving him with only 1 energy left.
At the start of round 2, Player A receives 2 energy, adding the 1 energy left from round 1, he now has 3 energy in total.

Energy Manipulation – Special Effect Cards

Aside from attack and defense there are cards in Axie Infinity that help you manipulate Energy. These cards can either help you gain more energy and even destroy or steal your opponent’s energy in a match. These cards also require special conditions in order for their effect to be used so be sure to take note of them as well.

Our first set are cards that Steal energy from the opponent team. Stealing energy means literally stealing energy from your opponent so not only do you get 1 energy, they lose 1 as well. note that the energy steal will only take effect if your opponent has energy so if in case they use all of their energy then there will be nothing left to steal.

These cards include:

  • Vegetal Bite
  • Bug Signal
  • Night Seal

Note that these cards require you to play or combo them with another card in order for the effect to trigger.

Another set of Energy manipulating cards are cards that let you gain energy just by attacking. These cards require that you play or combo them with another cards as well and these include:

  • Disguise
    • Must be used together with another plant card
  • Tail Slap

Aside from just attacking, there are also cards that let you gain energy through special attack conditions. Special attack conditions include landing Critical Strikes or attacking stats-specific Axies during a round. These cards include:

  • Ivory Stab
    • Let’s you gain 1 energy when you deal a Critical Strike
  • Kotaro Bite
    • Gains 1 energy when you target an Axie that is faster or has more Speed than your Axie

But it’s not just attack cards that have Energy-related effects as some defensive cards let you gain energy as well. Just like the other cards that are mentioned, these cards also have their own special conditions that need to be followed in order for the effect to trigger.

  • Carrot Hammer
    • Gives you 1 energy if the enemy manages to break your shield
  • Aqua Stock
    • Gives 1 energy when attacked by an Aquatic class card

And lastly, we have Luna Absorb, a card that lets you gain energy simply by using or playing it in a round.

Card manipulation cards

Card manipulation cards are cards that let you add more cards to your hand and remove cards from your enemy’s hand as well. Just like with energy these cards will require special conditions and combos to take in effect.

The examples of these type of cards are defensive cards, meaning that they offer more shield and protection rather than attack values and have their special conditions tied to these properties as well

  • Ivory Chop
    • Gives you 1 card if the enemy manages to break your shield
  • October Treat
    • Gives you 1 card if the enemy does not break your shield
  • Cattail Slap
    • Gives you 1 card if attacked by a Beast, Bug or Mech card

Aside from drawing your own cards you can also use cards that Discard enemy team cards. Discarding cards simply means that you remove them from the enemy hand so they can’t use it for the next round.

These cards include

  • Sunder Claw
  • Third Glance

Both of these cards only require that you combo them with at least 1 more card for the effect to trigger and they will discard a random enemy card.

All in all, knowing how to use and manipulate your cards and energy in Axie Infinity play a huge role in determining your success in-game.

By knowing how much energy to spend, what cards to use and when to use them can make a huge difference and can result in some very exciting battle scenarios with clutch plays and devastating combos.

And that’s it for this version of the UGG Ultimate Guild Guides! Ready to learn more? Be sure to also check out our other guides as well!

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