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We have the basics for you to start you Axie Infinity Journey!

Axie Infinity is widely considered as the most popular play-to-earn game of today and is the title that kickstarted the play-to-earn evolution. Getting into Axie Infinity can be mind boggling but don’t fret because in this edition of the UGG Ultimate Guild Guides we’ll help you get started in your Axie Infinity journey.

In this guide we’ll cover some basic lineups, parts and cards and as well as a few gameplay tactics that you can use when starting out in Axie Infinity. As usual a full  explanation is also available in our video included below!



Character Classes


In Axie Infinity, you play using creatures called Axies, these axolotl looking creatures are what you’re going to be using to take on AI or computer generated enemies in Adventure Mode or against other players in the PVP mode or Battle Arena. 

Each player will be using a team of 3 Axies each with their own individual stats, and abilities.

Axies are classified into 6 main categories or types:

  • Aquatic
  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Bug
  • Plant
  • Reptile

Each Axie also comes with their own parts, and each part comes with its own special card. These cards give abilities to Axies that can deal damage, increase defense or provide other special effects.

Aside from the 6 main types, there are also 3 ‘secret types’ of Axies namely

  • Dusk
  • Dawn
  • Mech

In contrast to the 6  main types though, Axies of the secret classification does not come with their own cards or parts but instead will use the parts from the main Axie types.


Stats and Parts


All Axies come with 4 different base stats that help determine their function in a battle.

  • Health – Also known as Hit Points or HP, Health determines how long you Axie can last in battle.
  • Speed – Helps determine the attack priority or when your Axie can attack in a round, faster Axies or Axies with higher Speed stats Attack first before Axies with lower speed.
  • Skill – This is used to calculate and add bonus damage when doing combo attacks or when attacking using multiple cards.
  • Morale – This is used to calculate the chances of your Axie doing a powerful “Critical Strike” when attacking and also the number of Last Stand ticks that your Axie could have, both of which can drastically change the outcome of any given game.

Critical Strikes are powerful randomly triggered attacks that deal exponential amounts of damage. The Last Stand mechanic is basically a “2nd chance” mechanic that lets your Axie survive for another round or withstand more attacks even if its health turns to 0.

Depending on the stats, your Axie can either be the frontline or the tank that soaks up damage and protects your other Axies, or your midline and backline damage dealers.

Axie TypeHealthSpeedSkillMorale


Together with Stats, Axies also come with different parts. Each Axie has 6 parts, the eyes, ears, back, mouth, horn and tail these parts can add bonuses to the base stats, specifically Speed, Morale and Health. Aside from bonuses the Back, Mouth, Horn and Tail parts also come with cards that serve as the Axies abilities during battle. These cards can either help deal damage, provide heals and shields or apply special effects against enemies.While the eyes and ears part do not have cards, they are still very valuable as they provide bonus stats for your Axie.

  • Aquatic: +3 Speed, +1 HP
  • Beast: +3 Morale, +1 Speed
  • Bird: +3 Speed, +1 Morale
  • Bug: +3 Morale, +1 HP 
  • Plant: +3 HP, +1 Morale
  • Reptile: +3 HP, +1 Speed

There are a total of 132 cards that you can use in Axie Infinity making combinations also limitless when forming your lineups. Just take note that each Axie already comes with their own preset set of parts and cards and you can’t change them as of now.

Also, the parts are not entirely limited to whatever class an Axie has so for example a beast type Axie can have Aquatic parts, a Plant type Axie can have beast parts, and so on. Still there are what’s called “Pure Axies” or Axies that have parts of the same class as the main Axie.




As they come in different classes, each Axie also interacts differently with each other. Some classes are stronger than the other, while others might struggle. This mechanic is sometimes referred to as the “rock-paper-scissors” mechanic and is common in many turn-based games.


Knowing what class or type of Axie you have is very important so you would also know which Axie class it works best against and which class it can struggle to defeat.


Reptile, Plant and Dusk type Axies are strong against Aquatic, Bird and Dawn. However while they are strong against the Aquatic, Bird and Dawn class Axies, they are weak against Beast, Bug and Mech Axies. The Aquatic, Bird and Dawn Axies on the other hand are strong against Beast, Bug and Mech type Axies. 


Common Lineups and Matchups


Axie combinations, lineups or teams help determine what is called the metagame or the most effective ways of winning in the Battle Arena. Now depending on your rank, the metagame can change however, for starters like you there is a healthy choice of common lineups that will let you not only learn and improve in the game but also maintain your ranking as well.


These lineups include:

  • Aquatic-Aquatic Plant or the AAP lineup
  • Beast-Bird-Plant or the BBP lineup
  • Aquatic-Beast-Plant or the ABP lineup


In terms of composition, commonly your Plant Axie is your frontline or your “tank”. Since Plant Axies have high base Health they can definitely take a beating and soak a lot of damage protecting your other Axies.

Best Axies usually take the midline role since they can also tank damage once your Plant Axie is taken out thanks to their high morale. Remember, the higher the Morale of your Axie, the more “Last Stand” ticks it can have meaning that they can still survive in battle for a few more hits.

Bird Axies are almost always on the backline role thanks to their high damage and high Speed stat.  Aquatic Axies also commonly take the backline role as they have a lot of damage dealing cards but they can also take the midline role as well thanks to their well rounded stats. 

That about does it for our Axie Infinity Basic Guide! If you’re ready to dig deeper, we also have a full guide for Meta lineups in Axie Infinity provided to us by our own UGG coaches so be sure to check that out as well if you’re looking to go more in-depth with gameplay strategies and tips. Also check out our ongoing coverage of upcoming Axie Infinity Origin that’s bound to change the whole game!

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