Register now the Battle Arena – Thetan Arena tournament this August!

Up to BUSD 150 is up for grabs!

Thetan Arena esports is definitely going weekly. The United Gamers DAO Battle Arena returns this week for another round of competitive bouts featuring the blockchain MOBA.

Following up on the success of the previous UGD Battle Arena – Thetan Arena open, the tournament will continue to promote and nurture the game’s budding esports scene. The tournament is open to all Thetan Arena players and teams here in the Philippines. The activity will be mainly on Discord and will have a prize pool of BUSD 150.

Last July, team FNE-Esports dominates the tournament followed by teams OneSnap Alliance and OneSnap Genesis

The UGD Battle Arena – Thetan Arena tournament for August will also follow the same format and team qualifications as the one in July. A total of 32 teams, each with a minimum of 4 members can join the tournament. There is a limit to the team count as the tournament is still in its early phase. Expanding the team count is already in the works though given the great community reception. Esports is a significant field for web3 gaming as it incentivizes skill and player dedication. web2 games has found success in esports and UGD’s Battle Arena program aims to replicate that success.

Interested participants for the UGD Battle Arena – Thetan Arena tournament for August can now sign up HERE

Tournament Qualification

  • The tournament will have a maximum of 32 teams
  • Each team must have a minimum of 4 players
  • Qualified teams will be announced on the UG Battle Arena Tournament Discord Channel, a link to the channel is available on the tournament registration form.
  • Team captains are required to check-in during the check-in period before the tournament. Teams who fail to check in during the check-in period will forfeit their tournament slot


  • The United Gamers Battle Arena – Thetan Arena will follow a single-elimination format
  • All matches will be a Best of 3 except for the finals which is a Best of 5

Players can also download Thetan Arena for free on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.