UGD wins second place in the first-ever The Harvest Tournament

GGWP team and congratulations to team UGD!

United Gamers DAO’s IgiZy, Vicentee, and Von, made history for the upcoming AAA blockchain shooting game The Harvest. The team has set a game record and as well bagging the 2nd place in the game’s first esports event.

The tournament was held last June 14, 2022 and featured a prizepool of USD 1,000. The Harvest also teamed up with Fractal, a community platform focused on blockchain games for the tournament and had 16 teams participating, one of them being team UGD. Aside from team UGD ,the tournament also had other notable participants. Celebrities Eric “Eruption” Tai and Joross Gamboa, Kayla Heredia, Myrtle Sarrosa and Een Mercado also had teams joining the tournament. Despite the heavy competition as these celebrities and personalities are also avid gamers, team UGD powered through.

The championship match saw team UGD against team AFKBOOST, YGG and Polemos. The match was close, and ultimately team AFKBOOST secured the championship title. Team UGD ended the match with huge flair though with an amazing highlight play. Trailing in points, Igiboy “IgiZy” Flores made a make or break move, rushing towards the enemy base and clinching last minute clutch points to secure 2nd place before the game timer reached 0:00. 

Aside from the highlight play, team UGD also set a new esports record for The Harvest, being the first team to reach 100,000 points during an esports match. The milestone is a first in The Harvest’s history, and is definitely one for the books for the UGD squad. Team UGD also came home with USD 300 in prizes for winning 2nd place.

The Harvest is an upcoming AAA, free to play MOBA shooter utilizing NFTs as part of its in-game assets. The game is currently on its limited access Alpha stage, and will soon launch for the PC with a marketplace on the Fractal platform