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UGG partners with TM, BPOS and BitKeep for next Axie Pro Tournament

We’re getting bigger and better!

The United Gamers Guild’s Axie Pro Tournament receives a huge boost as it enters its 2nd leg thanks to its event partners and sponsors. After a very successful debut back in February 2022, the UGG Axie Pro Tournament is back and this time, it’s bringing in some new names into its squad.


Joining in as a major partner and co-presenter is TM, one of the Philippine’s major telecommunications service providers serving millions all over the country through its wide network and array of services specially catered to the masses. TM has been involved with Esports through its own program, a nationwide grassroots competitive gaming campaign TM FunLaro which is now entering its 3rd year and is now expanding its efforts into the play-to-earn ecosystem with UGG. This major partnership will aim to immerse the brand into the possibilities of play-to-earn and blockchain technology and possibly open more opportunities for players, managers and stakeholders alike. 


Returning for the next leg of the UGG Pro Axie Tournament season is Bored Punks of Society, the pioneering Filipino NFT movement made by Filipinos for the world. Bored Punks of Society was part of the first leg of the UGG Pro Axie Tournament with the winner receiving a one of a kind BPOS NFT.


And lastly, another new partner joining the UGG movement is BitKeep. BitKeep is one of Asia’s top cryptocurrency wallets offering decentralized services to over 45,000 crypto assets and more than 10,000 decentralized apps. BitKeep not only supports safekeeping but also live trading allowing its users to trade and earn crypto with just a few clicks.


The UGG Axie Pro Tournament for March 2022 kick-off its Group Stage phase coming March 25-26, 2022 with the main event to take place on March 26 to April 3, 2022. Fans of competitive Axie gameplay can follow the tournament as it happens through the live broadcast on Facebook and as well as on Twitch.